Memorial Day just got a whole lot more exciting for My Morning Jacket fans, as the band has just announced a two-night run at Red Rocks Amphitheatre taking place over the long weekend. The breathtaking venue will play host to the band–who’s just been nominated for a Grammy award for best alternative rock album–on May 28 and 29th, with tickets currently on sale. To make your travel plans a little easier, CID Entertainment has partnered with MMJ to provide ticket and travel packages for fans. Click here for more info on pricing options.

My Morning Jacket Red Rocks Amphitheatre Tickets

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre Seating Chart


My Morning Jacket Red Rocks Potential Setlist

1. One Big Holiday
2. Mahgeetah
3. Wordless Chorus
4. Golden
5. The Way That He Sings
6. Off the Record
7. Gideon
8. Run Thru
9. Anytime
10. Lowdown
11. Touch Me I’m Going to Scream (Pt. 2)
12. Dondante
13. Phone Went West
14. Steam Engine
15. Lay Low
16. I’m Amazed
17. Circuital
18. It Beats 4 U
19. Victory Dance
20. Smokin’ From Shootin’
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