Japanese heavy metal rockers X Japan have quite the cult following in the rest of the world, but they’ve only toured on United States soil twice. They played Lollapalooza, amongst a few other dates, in 2010 and had a few other shows in 2011, and now, they’re coming back Stateside with a show on October 11 at New York City’s own Madison Square Garden. Ticketing information has yet-to-be announced, but we’re sure that it will come with much excitement for U.S. fans. In the meantime, band member Yoshiki has embarked on a classical solo tour, with 13 stops in 10 countries (he played a show at San Francisco’s Davies Hall on April 28).

X Japan was formed in 1982 by Yoshiki and Toshi. Originally called X, their breakthrough success came in the way of 1989’s Blue Blood. They’re also known as one of the pioneers of the visual kei movement, a movement similar to the glam rock movement of the United States in the 1980s. The group disbanded in 1997 after four albums and 13 sell-out shows at the 55,000-sear Tokyo Dome, but reunited in 2007 with the new song “I.V.” Since then, X Japan has been touring all over the world.

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