Looking for a good reason to spend money on sports, concert or theater tickets? Enter tix4cause.com, a ticket exchange that allows customers to enjoy live entertainment while also giving back. Founded on the idea that where you buy your ticket really does matter, this ticket exchange features 1000s of secondary market listings, and with every ticket purchased from the secondary market offerings, 7.5 percent of the purchase price goes to the charity of the purchaser’s choosing. No extra cost, no extra effort.

Here’s how it works: signup with tix4cause (for free!) and search through hundreds of listings. Once you decide on the event you want to see, you’ll be able to pick a charity that you want to benefit. From pet adoption to Autism, there are countless organizations affiliated with the website that a user can choose from (and if you don’t see your favorite cause tell them to sign up – it’s free!).

In addition to the secondary market offerings you can also find great tickets that have been donated to a cause. Most people that frequent live events have been in a situation where something comes up and they either can’t go or they are left with extra tickets. Sometimes they  try to sell the tickets on their own but much of the time they just go unused.  With tix4cause, waste no more. Those extra tickets can be donated online to an organization affiliated with the website which then can sell it on tix4cause.com. When these tickets sell the charity gets 90 percent and the folks who donate tickets are given a tax acknowledgement letter which they can use later during everyone’s favorite time of year – tax season.

With a huge catalog of live event listings, as well as competitive prices that keep them on par with the other ticket exchange websites, there’s no reason not to purchase your tickets through tix4cause. Never again will you feel guilty dropping $100 on Miley Cyrus tickets — you’re doing it for charity!