Tommy Iommi, the “Iron Man” of rock and roll and the lead guitarist for Black Sabbath, announced this week that he is in the early stages of lymphoma, potentially throwing the planned reunion album and tour of the rock legends in flux.

As of right now, the band’s tour slated to kick off in Moscow on May 18 is on as planned but it will all depend on the health and recovery of Iommi.

When Black Sabbath announced they were reuniting back in November, it set off a flurry of activity online with the hopes the band would announce dates in the United States as well. Nothing has been announced to date, but if Iommi makes the speedy recovery he is determined to make, then stops in America could be on the horizon.

As the news broke, the rock legends have been in the studio with producer Rick Rubin working on an album of new material for release in late 2012. The tracks will be the band’s first album in 33 years since Never Say Die! was released in 1978, right before Osbourne had initially left the band.

The band requests that fans across the globe “send positive vibes to the guitarist at this time.”

Get well Iron Man. Be sure to check out SeatGeek as Black Sabbath tour news breaks.

Image courtesy of Flickr user NYCArthur

Credits: Pollstar