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Pitbull’s a natural phenomenon- he’s said so himself. Like the title of his most recent album, Global Warming, Pitbull says he’s been around a long time but people are just starting to notice. He has a point: while Pitbull first hit the scene as a collaborator in 2002, most of the best Pitbull songs of all time that you’ll see on any given list are from his last two albums released no earlier than 2011. Much like the phenomenon he’s citing, too, the more Pitbull’s being talked about at your house party, the harder it is to change the topic because everyone has an opinion and every radio station has one of his top 10 singles playing.

Click here for Pitbull Top 10 Chart, Pitbull “Feel This Moment”

Pitbull’s recent stardom because of the popularity of both Planet Pit and Global Warming has him in numerous commercials and at big national events like New Year’s Eve. Fiat cars and Bud Light try to sell you their product using Pitbull’s signature look and songs such as “Sexy People” and “Don’t Stop the Party.” Even if you don’t consider yourself a huge fan of his, chances are you have one of Pitbull’s top ten hits bouncing around in your head simply from watching the television. And if you are a fan, you never know which of his many collaborators will show up when on Pitbull tour dates. Will Chris Brown or Christina Aguilera make an appearance? Could Enrique Iglesias show up to play his hit “I Like It” which featured Pitbull? People say global warming keeps building on itself, one extreme event only happening because of a previous one. If that’s the case, we can only guess how high Pitbull could soar based on how popular he’s become on the music scene in such a short period of time.

Pitbull Top 10 Chart

Number Song Album
1 Feel This Moment Global Warming
2 Don’t Stop the Party Global Warming
3 International Love Planet Pit
4 I Know You Want Me I Know You Want Me
5 Hey Baby Planet Pit
6 Shake Senora Planet Pit
7 The Anthem The Boatlift
8 Rain Over Me Planet Pit
9 Bon, Bon Armando
10 Back in Time Global Warming

Pitbull “Feel This Moment”

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