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The French synthpop duo Daft Punk is back on the scene, to the delight of their fans, for the first time in four years when they composed the soundtrack for the film TRON: Legacy. As the case as always been since they debuted twenty years ago, Daft Punk knows how to make an appearance with a unique mix of flair and ingenuity. This time around, they released a single from Random Access Memories called “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams, a hit beat maker in his own right. The union has proved to be fruitful for everyone involved, and “Get Lucky” is already on of the best Daft Punk songs ever according to iTunes and Spotify. Fans are still waiting to hear if they’ll be able to see these new songs performed live.

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That Spotify anointed “Get Lucky” as its most streamed new song ever shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who’s followed Daft Punk during the last two decades. Hitting the scene with Homework, Daft Punk helped define that generation of dance music while also making headlines for carefully controlling the art they were creating. They redefined their style with Discovery & added a film element for fans’ multimedia experience with the band. Human After All followed, garnering Daft Punk’s most mixed reviews of an album that seemed rushed to many. Most recently, Daft Punk composed the entire TRON: Legacy soundtrack, featuring the fan-favorite song “Derezzed.” Their latest release and the event surrounding it indicate Daft Punk is as influential on the electronica & dance scenes as ever.

Daft Punk Top 10 Chart

You’ll find a wide variety of great & widely-accessed content from Daft Punk on iTunes, featuring not only the band’s most popular songs but also videos that they’ve directed or starred in based on projects with which they’ve been involved like TRON:Legacy.

Number Song Album
1 Get Lucky Random Access Memories
2 One More Time Discovery
3 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Discovery
4 Derezzed TRON: Legacy
5 Technologic Human After All
6 Around the World Homework
7 Da Funk Homework
8 TRON Legacy (End Titles) TRON: Legacy
9 End of Line TRON: Legacy
10 Digital Love Discovery

Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

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