Top Metal Bands

Turn up your speakers, throw up the horns, and get ready to rock & rock hard. The top metal bands are almost always at full volume and full throttle, appealing to the most primal musical tastes of their fans. The volume and aggressive, powerful lyrics can empower a listener. And whether you’re hearing their songs through your favorite set of headphones or live in a sold out, massive arena, the most metal of bands lets you know that the energy you’re feeling is something bigger than yourself, something bigger that most forms of music can express. They want to rock, and they want to rock you.

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While there are common threads linking all top metal bands – shredding guitars, powerful bass, pounding drum solos, and a singer who can wail and/or growl – there are other characteristics that give the top 10 a particular quality to be called the best. Kiss and Black Sabbath have unique stage presence, Metallica took their metal chops and musical cred to an even larger audience, and bands like Motorhead and Pantera just bring heavy metal energy non-stop at each and every show. Stuck between a rock & a hard place is nothing compared to the unstoppable force of the heaviest metal.

Top 10 Metal Bands

Number Band Lead Singer
1 Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne
2 Judas Priest Rob Halford
3 Metallica James Hetfield
4 Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson
5 Pantera Phil Anselmo
6 Slayer Tom Araya
7 AC/DC Bon Scott
8 Motorhead Ian Fraser Kilmister
9 Kiss Gene Simmons
10 Motley Crue Vince Neil

Top Heavy Metal Bands

While some people think of the Reign of the Top Heavy Metal Bands as a thing of the past, a few of the best are still touring and presenting newer acts they have inspired over the years. Alice Cooper & Marilyn Manson are teaming up to connect generations of metal fans; while you know them by their individual names, their bands are always worthy of top metal honors.

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Metal Bands List

There are a few great resources out there collecting the names and works in a comprehensive Metal Bands List. To inspire your quest through history’s top heavy metal bands, here are two of the more famous songs from the top 10 metal bands of all time.

Black Sabbath’s Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Metallica – Enter Sandman