Lil Wayne's "Love Me" was loved by fans all the way to number one on his top 10 list.

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For a short time in the not so distant past, fans of “the best rapper alive” thought the list of best Lil Wayne songs ever had reached its final draft. Erroneous reports claimed that Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. had passed away in a Los Angeles hospital after a sudden bout of seizures and other complications. This would’ve been a sad end to one of the most prolific and successful music careers of our generation, but instead Lil Wayne dropped I Am Not a Human Being II, adding “Love Me” and “Rich as F**k” into the mix of fan-favorite tracks from his ten album portfolio. The king wasn’t dead; as far as fans were concerned, he was better than ever.

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Hailing from New Orleans, Lil Wayne’s career started over 20 years ago when he was signed by Cash Money at the age of nine. He went platinum with his debut The Block is Hot in 1999 and hasn’t really slowed down since. After releasing Tha Carter IV, Lil Wayne passed Elvis Presley – Elvis! – as the male artist with the most Billboard 100 songs (109) of all time. That’s not simply rap prowess, that’s legitimate music industry power and a huge assortment of rap tracks from which any fan could pick a unique top ten Lil Wayne songs. Check out the list below and tell us your favorites. Lil Wayne live performances and collaborations are widely available, too, so it’d be interesting to see what devout fans think are the top 10 Lil Wayne live tracks from his concerts over the last 15 years.

Lil Wayne Top 10 Chart

Lil’ Wayne’s always been known as a prolific music maker, releasing mix tape after mix tape in between sanctioned studio albums. You can find Lil Wayne’s most popular studio releases and collaborations on iTunes.

Number Song Album
1 Love Me Love Me
2 Forever More Than a Game
3 Rich as F**k I Am Not a Human Being II
4 Let It Rock In the City
5 Drop the World Rebirth
6 How to Love Tha Carter IV
7 Right Above It I Am Not a Human Being
8 A Milli Tha Carter III
9 Got Money Tha Carter III
10 Mirror Tha Carter IV

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Lil Wayne “Love Me”

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