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This summer was one for the books. Megastars in music aligned to bring us monster tours and epic collaborations, and plenty of our favorite artists came back from the dead (literally and figuratively) to give us new tunes and live performances. While summer 2014 may be over, we can’t help but look ahead to next year and fantasize about what’s to come. Thus, we bring you our top 10 predictions for tour collaborations next summer.

Taylor Swift / Katy Perry

2015 tours-katy-taylor Even though these two apparently hate each other, we think they would make an amazing duo on the road. And if the rumors are true and Katy really tried to hire Taylor’s road crew out from under her, then it’ll work out perfectly! We just hope the tween-filled audience doesn’t start a Katy vs Swifty cat fight.

Eminem / Kendrick Lamar / Sia

2015 tours kendrick em sia Eminem made his triumphant return to rap with last year’s Marshall Mathers LP2, further proving that he’s one of the genre’s most untouchable MCs. But Kendrick Lamar is no slouch, and the labelmates even appeared together on MMLP2 track “Love Game.” Em and Sia have also had some amazing collaborations, with MMLP2‘s “Beautiful Pain” and more recently, “Guts Over Fear.” With such epic songs amongst the three artists, and new albums by Kendrick and Sia on the horizon, this trio just makes sense.

Justin Bieber / Selena Gomez

2015 justin selena This on-again off-again couple seems to be back ON. (Selena, a little tip from a near-30-year-old: you can date him but, uhhh, maybe keep it a secret this time? Your friends are totes sick of having to comfort you every time you find another girl’s undies in his Ferrari.) Despite his recent indiscretions, Bieber is obviously one hell of a performer. And while we’ve never heard Selena sing, we know she at least has enough musical chops to put an album out. Plus, if they’re on tour together, Selena can keep her eye on Justin the entire time.

Kanye West / Young Jeezy

2015 concerts kanye jeezy While I’m not sure how pleased Kim Kardashian would be to have the father of her baby on tour with somebody nicknamed Tha Snowman, we think a pairing between Kanye West and Young Jeezy would be amazing. Both rappers have been in the game for well over 10 years, but their new albums suggest that they’re just now entering into their prime: Kanye, with the controversial but well-received Yeezus, and Jeezy’s brand new Seen it All: The Autobiography. Our only concern would be whether Kanye’s ego can handle sharing the stage with another rapper, but it’d probably make for good headlines. Just keep the AK-47s away,

Justin Timberlake / Michael Jackson Hologram

2015 concerts justin michaelFor somebody who’s been dead for five years, Michael Jackson has had a pretty successful 2014. I mean, the guy doesn’t even have a pulse and he’s sold almost half a million copies of his new album, Xscape. Joining MJ on one of the album’s singles is Justin Timberlake, who croons alongside him on “Love Never Felt So Good.” Due to the success of the song and video, we’re proposing a JT / MJ tour where Jackson will join Timberlake as a hologram. That is, if JT ever stops touring for The 20/20 Experience. Hey, it worked for Tupac right?

Jack White / Haim

2015 concerts jack white haimArguably the two biggest names in rock n’ roll right now, these acts have spent the last two years bringing raw realness back to a diluted genre. We’d venture to guess that Jack White has a lot of respect for the sisters Haim and their no-frills style of music, and we know he plays nice with other chick musicians. Who knows–maybe Alana, Danielle and Este could even lighten the the rocker up a bit. (In terms of sense of humor, not skin tone. Dear God, not skin tone.)

G-Unit / Slaughterhouse / D12

2015 concerts d12 slaughter house g unitWould there be an arena big enough to house all of these rap egos? If so, a tour featuring G-Unit, Slaughterhouse and D12 would be one for the ages. All current or past labelmates of Shady and/or Interscope Records, and interestingly enough, all currently working on new albums. We see this as more of a day-long festival at each city rather than a concert. Maybe if we say it out loud enough we can manifest this tour into reality.

Jessie J / Ariana Grande / Nicki Minaj / Iggy Izalea

2015 summer concerts nicki minajThe 2014 VMAs opened with a “Bang Bang” (and a wardrobe malfunction) as Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj performed their new hit single live. And Iggy Izalea–who broke through earlier this year with smash hit “Fancy”–is also buddies with Grande, as the two sing together on her popular track “Problem.” So, it seems only fitting that these four would hit the road together to perform all of their collaborations under one roof. Actually, what if these four starlets came together to form one Spice Girls-esque super group? Mind = blown.

U2 / fun.

2015 concerts u2 funU2 hasn’t gone on a proper tour in forever. But with the release of their new album (i.e. that time they forced their new album upon the entire country) we think next summer would be the perfect time for them to hit the road. Also surprisingly absent from 2014 was Nate Ruess-fronted band fun. While a bit younger and a bit less Irish, the feel-good, anthemic band would make great counterparts to U2, and both can pack an arena.

Miley Cyrus / Flaming Lips

2015 summer concerts miley wayneIf Instagram photos are any indication of reality, then over the past year Miley Cyrus and Flaming Lips-frontman Wayne Coyne have forged quite the friendship. Wayne’s spiritual and psychedelic attitude perfectly compliments Miley’s “I don’t give a f*ck” personality and free-spirited message. And how cool would it be to hear Miley covering a Flaming Lips song like “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt 1.?” Girl can sing.