It’s the beginning of the year, and the perfect time to start adding more notches to your live-music belt. Who needs a new year resolution to eat more salads when you can go to these shows and have a great time instead?

From Seventeen to The Jagged Edge, here’s the top concerts happening in Houston this week.

Matoma with Two Friends @ House of Blues Houston

Saturday, January 18 | 7PM

What better way to start the new year than with Norwegian DJ, Matoma? If you’re looking for tropical house music that’ll get those feet tapping and happy vibes flowing through you, go to this show. It’s actually impossible to listen to one of his songs and not dance. If that isn’t reason enough to go to this show, just know that his motto is “Hakuna Matoma” and I find that to be incredibly amusing.

Jagged Edge with Raheem DeVaughn @ Arena Theater

Friday, January 17 | 8:30PM

If you think you don’t know Jagged Edge, you’re wrong. With two pretty incredible hits that are stuck somewhere in the back of your head, slow down your week with some of their sexy R&B sounds. Let the melodic voices of Jagged Edge swoon you for the night. We really can’t think of a better way to spend the night than with these sweet, sweet tunes caressing our ear drums.

Spafford @ White Oak Music Hall

Wednesday, January 15 | 7PM

There are few things better than jam bands, and Spafford never fails to bring great tunes and fun vibes when they perform. If you’re looking for a blend of rock, ska, funk, jazz, and even a little bit of electro-pop you need to go to this show. There is something about jam bands that really get the head bopping and the body swaying.

White Denim @ Satellite Bar

Friday, January 17 | 8PM

Spoiler alert: they don’t always wear white denim to their shows. I didn’t want you to go and be disappointed, but their blend of psychedelic rock, blues, and punk rock will convince you to check them out. From Austin, TX, White Denim has been rocking out since 2006 and we really hope it never ends. There’s also something to be said about listening to a band that’s relatively local (at least the same state) to where you are. It’s like you’re their mom watching their first show. We couldn’t be any more proud.

ARMNHMR @ Stereo Live Houston

Friday, January 17 | 10PM

This LA-based duo has been releasing great music, attacking all spectrums of EDM. Get ready for some heart-pounding drops, and a great mix of eclectic and trap beats blended perfectly with dance music. If you’re a fan of EDM music, it seems like this is the perfect week to jam out to some really amazing tunes from different DJs, such as ARMNHMR.

Seventeen @ Smart Financial Centre

Wednesday, January 15 | 8PM

Everyone knows how incredibly influential KPOP is in the music industry in American as of late with no signs of slowing down. Who knew boy bands would become so popular in the States again? With 13 members, Seventeen is a catchy blend of pop, hip-hop, and R&B. If you haven’t gotten into KPOP yet, this may be the perfect way to start.

KSHMR @ Stereo Live Houston

Saturday, January 18 | 10PM

Finishing off the list with American DJ, KSHMR seems completely appropriate. Not to be confused with ARMNHMR (so many similar DJ names to keep up with), KSHMR focuses a lot on electro, big room house, and psytrance. A perfect combination for anyone who loves EDM and wants to jam out on a Saturday night. If you’re totally new to KSHMR, just know that it’s pronounced like “Kashmir”, because I know I was constantly saying “kishmur” and I just want to look out for you.

(Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash)