The year is coming to a close, and you know what that means: it’s time to wildly speculate about who might hit the road in 2016! Based on who has new music coming out, who’s hinted at touring, and who is long overdue for some face time with fans, here is our dream list of 2016 tours. (Click here to see our predictions for 2015–we got at least one of them right!)


It’s really never clear how Phish tour rumors start. It’s like they just appear in the ether one day, and you don’t really question it. You just accept it.  And now with summer fast approaching, tour rumors are flying. Announcement should be coming soon, click here to see here projected dates.


(Update: Confirmed!)
Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood pleased fans with a recent announcement that the band is wrapping up their new album and then will start plotting a tour for next year. This will be the first time they’ve hit the road since 2012’s “King of Limbs” tour, and anybody that knows Radiohead knows that they put on a killer live show. Don’t miss them when they finally hit the road. Click here for more info.


Jamie Hewlett has been teasing Gorillaz fans all year with vague hints that the band would be putting out new material… soon. And in an interview Hewlett gave with DIY magazine, he confirmed said hints by declaring that, yes, he is working on “it” at the moment and “it’s going very well.” Let’s keep our fingers crossed for new tunes and tour dates in 2016. Click here for more info.

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff

Maybe Will Smith regrets opening his mouth to Zane Lowe earlier this month about the world tour that he and DJ Jazzy Jeff would be embarking on next year. Since the announcement (and the news that Smith has tons of new songs he’s been working on for an upcoming album), the Internet has been abuzz with speculation. Case and point: this article. Click here for more info.

Dr. Dre with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar & Snoop

Probably the most far-fetched of the tour possibilities, maybe if we put this out into the universe it will actually happen. During Dr. Dre’s radio show, “The Pharmacy,” the rapper admitted that he has always dreamt of taking his full production–himself, Snoop and Eminem–overseas for a full-fledged European tour. Oh yea, and he’d also like to bring along Kendrick Lamar, because, ya’ know, it’s Kendrick freakin’ Lamar. Hey, a rapper can dream, can’t he? Click here for more info.


(Update: Confirmed!)
OK, so Rihanna never ended up going on what would’ve been an epic tour with Kanye West. But the R&B singer has just revealed the cover art for her upcoming album, ANTI, which is due out sometime this November. It seems RiRi is creating a real concept album, and what good is a concept album without a mega world tour to follow? Click here for more info.

The Who

The Who started off 2015 with a bang, as excitement mounted for their 50th anniversary North American mega tour. Then Roger Daltrey fell ill, and a never-ending string of rescheduled dates and cancellations ensued until the band was forced to move all of the shows to 2016. Right now it’s on the books to begin on February 27 and wrap up on May 29, but only time will tell. Click here for more info.


(Update: Confirmed!)
After wrapping up a nearly decade-long legal battle, Tool is finally able to focus on making a new record, and hopefully performing live again. (They’ll probably need to earn some money from all those legal fees, eh?) The band is already in the studio working on new material, and are headlining the Monster Mash Festival in Tempe, AZ, later this month. Will a full-length tour come next? Click here for more info.


(Update: Confirmed!)
Since her hiatus from the spotlight in 2012, fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of powerhouse vocalist Adele. And when rumors began swirling earlier this summer that the singer has begun work on a new album (a follow-up from 2011’s 21), tour rumors followed shortly thereafter. Throw the baby in the tour bus and let’s do this thing. Click here for more info.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Perhaps drummer Chad Smith over-promised when he said that the Red Hot Chili Peppers would definitely have an album out in 2015. With over a four year gap, it’s hard not to wonder what’s taking them so long. At least we can rest assured that when a band like RHCP does release new music, they will most certainly tour behind it. Click here for more info.