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With anticipated album releases from artists who have kept quiet over the past few years, 2020 is already shaping up to be a promising time for live music events. While many artists have yet to announce upcoming tours, we’ve compiled a comprehensive forecast listing all the acts we think will be making the musical rounds this upcoming year. Behold: our tour predictions for 2020.


It’s as simple as this: Rosalía is overdue for a tour. With her 2018 release El Mal Querer, and this year’s Grammy nomination announcement for Best New Artist, a Rosalía tour in 2020 would be ideal for fans eager to see her perform her new material in concert. Rosalía’s 2020 Grammy nomination is groundbreaking and historical: she is the first all-Spanish language artist to be nominated for the Best New Artist award. While the Spanish singer and songwriter played a slew of headlining shows and festivals in support of El Mal Querer over the past year since it dropped, her career has absolutely skyrocketed since. With that, the possibility of new music from Rosalía is high for the next year, and hence, a tour may follow suit.

Justin Timberlake

With next year being 2020, it is only fitting that JT pulls the throwback of the decade and delivers a revival of the ever-popular The 20/20 Experience album (and tour of the same name.) With his last release Man of the Woods that dropped in early 2018, and his supporting tour that wrapped up earlier this year, the suave singer has kept a quieter-than-usual status in the public eye. This unofficial stint may have provided Timberlake with the means to plan his next big tour or album. One thing is for sure: his fans will be waiting for his next tour announcement until the end of time.

Coheed & Cambria

Coheed was dealt an unlucky hand in 2019. Their tour in support of their latest release, Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures, was abruptly cancelled after drummer Josh Eppard collapsed on stage at their performance at House of Blues in Orlando, FL due to an unexpected cardiac episode. While the band has announced one date in October of 2020 for their highly talked about S.S. Neverender Cruise, fans have yet to hear about whether the cancelled tour dates will eventually be rescheduled. While Eppard has to undergo heart surgery, tried-and-true Coheed fans know that the band will be back on the road as soon as they are up for it. After all, Eppard came back to the stage three hours after fainting mid-song to finish out the rest of the show. If that isn’t dedication to your audience and craft, then what is?

My Chemical Romance

Anything that My Chemical Romance does is nothing short of grandiose, and their recent resurgence is proving no different. Who knew the iconic emo quartet that started it all way back in 2001 would return to the live music scene five years after their breakup? After years of silence, the band revealed via their previously inactive social media channels a single tour date: December 20, 2019, at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA. Fans globally rejoiced, with tickets selling out within three minutes of them going on sale. Currently, they have three additional shows scheduled for March 2020 in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Former emo kids and rock and rollers alike in North America have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of another U.S. based show. With only three other dates scheduled, there is great potential for the resurrected band to make a comeback with possible additional shows or a full length tour in 2020.

Tame Impala

Currents sealed the deal for Tame Impala’s blossoming career back in 2015, with the album winning an ARIA Music Award in the same year for Best Rock Album, and ranking 13th in Rolling Stone’s annual Best Albums list. Tame Impala has been touring in support of Currents in the years since its debut, however their shows have trickled down to a few performances sprinkled here and there. This scaled-back touring schedule may have lent the psych rock powerhouse ample time to write more content for their next release. Since Currents dropped, Tame Impala has released singles such as “My Life,” “Patience,” and most recently, “It Might Be Time.” Here at TBA, we think it might be time for a Tame Impala tour in 2020.

Kanye West

Kanye West is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma – and we mean that as a compliment. Fans never know what to expect next from the outspoken rapper, which makes this upcoming new year no different. West released JESUS IS KING last month, and it received mixed reviews all around. The album heavily focuses on Christianity and the mammoth role that it plays in West’s life. While previous albums from West forces his audience to think outside the box, many feel that JESUS IS KING shed a light on the walls of an increasingly narrower box. Recently, he produced Nebuchadnezzar: A Kanye West Opera, again with religious themes at the nucleus of the production. While Nebuchadnezzar is an odd yet still suitable follow-up to the release of JESUS IS KING, we have yet to hear about tour dates in support of the new album, making a tour a strong possibility for 2020.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

While they have yet to drop new music since 2016, Red Hot Chili Peppers have been staying just above the surface of the live music world for the past two years, with performances scattered throughout the past three years. Recently, the lineup for Boston Calling was announced. RHCP will be headlining the festival, along with Foo Fighters and 60+ additional acts that will be announced in January of 2020. With this giant festival performance ahead, RHCP may be gearing up for their next big tour. Fans have their fingers crossed that they will release a new album as well. In the meantime, their last release The Getaway will be holding them over.

Foo Fighters

Since a plethora of festivals scheduled for 2020 are beginning to release headliners and supporting acts now, Foo Fighters are being listed on various lineups. From Nova Rock to Rock in Rio Lisboa, the band is set to make the rounds in the festival circuit next year. Even though the band has been laying low while writing new music for their next release, frontman Dave Grohl has been active as ever. He recently guest starred on Sesame Street, and has been sitting down for interviews that have drummed up widespread anticipation for their next album.

In a recent interview with The AV Club, he candidly expressed how he feels about Foo’s reputation, and what we can expect from their next album: “You know the whole dad rock thing? We’re totally dad rock,” he proclaimed. “Look, I’m 50 years old. I have f***ing gray hair. But you know, the thing is, I have never considered our band cool, and I like that.”

Grohl also stated that the next Foo Fighters albums is going to be “f***ing weird.” That may be the simplest, yet most intriguing cliff-hanger to a band’s upcoming album that we’ve heard all year.

(Image by Christian Ungureanu via Flickr | CC 1.0)