U2's U22 Album has inspired fan videos from around the world.

U2’s newest compilation CD “U22” has sparked a creative fuse in the band’s fans. The 22-track album was recently made exclusively available to paying members of U2.com, which, given the release’s history, makes a certain loyal sense. These same fans were not only responsible for picking the CD’s song list – choosing their favorites from among 45 live tracks – but are now tasked with creating the best “unwrapped” video for U2’s website.

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By “unwrapped,” Bono and his bandmates mean just that: They want to watch you tear, remove, cut, gnaw, or, if all else fails, neatly pull away the packaging surrounding the long-awaited U22.

“So why not make us a short clip as the package lands in your trembling hands, as you faint on opening the beautiful photo book, as you first slide these exclusive CD’s into your sound system… as your non-U2.com subscribing friends are overcome with envy,” reads the group’s official poetic charge.

We thought we’d give the multi platinum-selling artists a hand, for their benefit (and your enjoyment) offering up our own picks for Best U22 Unwrapped Video:

The Short and Sweet One

The Slick One

The Topical, Trendy One

The One that Shows Why YouTube is Awesome

Just Because We Like Him

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