As if this was startling news: R&B artist to the stars, the man behind ‘U Remind Me’ and ‘U Don’t Have to Call, Mr. Raymond Usher will be headlining the concert in the popular ICC Durban Arena for the Hansa Festival of Legends on March 7. Rhythm and Blues: everything’s looking good with that genre, for sure.

That would have to be as plain as the nose on your face when you’re looking at an artist who just in 2010 has released a seventh album, Raymond V. Raymond, featuring the massive hit track “OMG.”

In case you were wondering why Usher’s a no-brainer shoe-in for the Hansa Festival, here’s some of the stats:

For one, Usher’s won 17 Billboard Music Awards. Two, he’s won five Grammy Awards. And three — wait for it, teeny boppers — he’s the man behind the sensation Justin Bieber!

Enough of Justin Bieber, though. The fact remains: Africa’s going to be rockin’ to the beat of Usher’s dancing feet, and no one’s going to be disappointed in that fact.

Look for ticket prices to range from R250 to R450, and get yours right on Computicket at 9:00 AM on Friday.