Even though they vehemently denied reunion rumors last year, LCD Soundsystem shocked us all this January when it was revealed they’re be reuniting and headlining Coachella 2016. After the news broke, frontman James Murphy penned an open letter on the band’s official website clearing up some rumors, and just generally explaining the reason for their return (as if we’re complaining). Let’s break down the key highlights below…

1. They are headlining some major festivals this summer

We already know they’re headlining both Fridays of Coachella, but a premature leak of the Bonnaroo lineup has confirmed they’re also headlining the Manchester, TN, fest. It’s also believed that they will be on tap for the first ever Panaroma fest, taking place in the NYC area.

2. They will be going on a full-fledged tour

In an open letter James Murphy posted on the official LCD website, he made it very clear that “this is not a victory lap,” and that in addition to their festival appearances, they’ll be playing all over. (The country? The world? The options are endless!)

3. They will be releasing new music

In keeping with the whole “not a victory lap” thing, the band is also planning to release new music this year, and are currently in the studio working on it.

4. They’re sorry

Murphy also recounts his surprise at fans who felt cheated by them getting back together, or betrayed that the final MSG show (which was kind of a huge pain in the ass to get tickets to) is indeed not their final show. And to those fans, he says he is “seriously sorry.”

5. The upcoming material will be better than anything they’ve ever done

To make up for any hurt feeling or critical fans, he promises that the new album is going to be “as fucking good as we can possibly make it.” Which, if you know the LCD catalogue, means it will be pure magic.

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