Super Bowl 52 is a little over a week away. For many football fans, buzz is high surrounding the epic matchup between the Eagles and Patriots. For other less devoted viewers (aka the people who just go to the party for the dip), their attention will be on the Justin Timberlake halftime show. This will be the singer’s first time headlining the event since the infamous “nip slip of ’04,” and the country is eager to see what he has up his sleeve.

So what will Timberlake perform during the halftime show? We’ve taken a look at his most popular songs + new material + halftime shows of the past to come up with our predictions. Without further adieu…

1. Filthy

The singer’s first single off his new album Man of the Woods, this is an obvious choice to kick off his halftime hijinx.

2. Can’t Stop the Feeling!

This infectious tune was created for the 2016 Trolls movie, during a time in which JT hadn’t released much new music. It charted it nearly every country, and is one of his most successful tracks to-date.

3. NSYNC Medley

Remember when Beyonce brought Destiny’s Child out during her 2013 halftime show, and they did a killer medley of all their old hits? We’re predicting the same for this year, only with our pals Lance, JC, Joey and that other dude.

4. SexyBack

One of Justin’s staple solo songs. Since his tour announcement, the phrase “he’s bringing sexy back” has probably been published a million times. There’s no way we won’t hear this on Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Like I Love You

It’s always nice to hear a throwback song to remind you of what made you fall in love with the artist in the first place. “Like I Love You” was Justin’s debut single in 2002, and solidified him as a serious artist rather than just a guy in a boy band. Not to mention it’s been performed live by JT nearly 400 times.

6. 4 Minutes (Madonna ft. Justin)

This is our outlier prediction, but hear us out. Many Super Bowl performances have featured guest appearances from other major artists (like when Beyonce stole the show from Coldplay in 2016). Plus, if they play it right, it could be a perfect nod to the aforementioned nip slip between Justin and Janet (a pop icon arguably equal to Madonna). If it happens, you heard it hear first.

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