Every since Eminem dropped The Marshall Mathers LP 2, I’ve been curious how much impact Eminem had over random things like Google searches. His lead single Berzerk presented an ideal situation to look into this because: a) it was a high profile single b) it’s a single word song tile, with a moderately unclear word and c) it’s the time of word that doesn’t get used often so there wouldn’t be other things impacting search volume. I am just getting to this now–I’ve spent the last two months auditorily ogling over the MMLP and Em’s return to lyrical, comedical, and storytelling omnipotence (Kendrick may be the king, but Em’s a rap god.–and the results did not disappoint.

Of course berzerk is Em speak for berserk, an actual word. Looking at search volume for ‘berserk definition’ and ‘berserk meaning’, Eminem was responsible for ~ 300% increase in people looking for the definition of the proper English word berzerk — crazed behavior.

Search volume trends

Note that Berzerk dropped in late August, just prior to the marked spikes on the graphs below.



Berserk Definition

berserk (adjective)

  • : crazy and violent especially because of anger
  • Full Definition of BERSERK
  • : frenzied, crazed —usually used in the phrase go berserk

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N.B. the image at the top of this post shows Eminem making the Berzerk face, as inspired by the Beastie Boys. He mad this face on national TV during a football game and natural the media told the entire world he was back on drugs. This is not the case.