That’s right: godly deejay extraordinaire Fatboy Slim — the mastermind behind such hits as “Weapon of Choice,” “Praise You,” and “The Rockafellar Skank” — will be performing in Falmer next year at the new Amex Stadium, which Brighton, England, is so proud of. Cheerio, ol’ chap! Fancy a cup of tea?

You can bet that Slim, a.k.a. Norman Cook of Hove, England, and a major Seagulls football fan, is pretty jazzed about the honor and may be preparing for his show with amazing fervor. Especially given he’ll be the very first artist to take the mic. That’s his weapon of choice, did you know? Sort of a christening of a stadium worthy of a concert. Praise you for considering this a momentous occasion in the history of music.

This wouldn’t, however, be his first foray into the Brighton music scene, as in 2008 Slim played for a crowd of 20,000 at the seafront during the Big Beach Boutique 4. Electronic dance music on the sand? You betcha.

Moreover, can you name one person who wouldn’t get down to the Slim when this is a man who has a star on Brighton’s Walk of Fame next to England’s very own Winston Churchill? Yes, it’s true: a deejay genius next to one of the great historical figures of all time.

Let’s not forget that he earned the credit for three MTV Music Awards for “Praise You,” a video directed by the indomitable Spike Jonze, and six MTV Music Awards for “Weapon of Choice,” also a video directed by Spike Jonze (but starring the always entertaining Christopher Walken).

Nevermind the fact that Slim also had received an Ivor Novello Award in May of 2007 for his “outstanding contribution to British music.” At the prestigious 6th annual Independent Music Awards, he participated as a judge. And he’s also won two Brit Awards — one in 1999, and the other in 2001 — both for British Dance Act.

Slim has his credentials. And he’ll definitely be putting them to good use at the Amex Stadium. Without a doubt, the new stadium will be home to many other acts following him. Slim’s the beginning.