Two-thousand-and-eighteen is almost in the bag and that means it’s officially list season. While the end of the year tends to get the entire music world in a looking-back sort-of mood, we thought it would be fun to look forward and take a swing at what tours we might see in 2019.

Some of these are artists who will almost certainly hit the road behind new material. Some of these are artists who are so erratic that deciding whether they’ll tour in a given year amounts to a coin flip. And some of these are just wishful thinking.

Look, we’re not saying you should be putting aside money for these tickets juuust yet, but at least start collecting your change.


Betting on Maynard James Keenan to do anything that you want is a losing proposition, and we’d never be so bold as to predict a new Tool album on the horizon. Those just come when they come.

Still, with the intricate, metal weirdos performing a few upcoming headlining slots at festivals like Epicenter and Chicago Open Air, it’s clear that something’s cooking at Tool HQ–even if it’s just a small tour.

System of a Down

These guys aren’t as stingy with their albums as Tool, but their tours are a rare gift to fans. The band has performed on-and-off since their initial dissolution in the middle of the aughts, but all signs point toward them having trouble staying in a room together.

While they’ve said several times that they are recording new material in the over 10 years since they first split, SOAD members frequently cite the spectre of a long tour as a reason for failing to release anything new.

Despite it all, the band are coming back together for at least two headlining sets next year:  the aforementioned Chicago Open Air and Sonic Temple in Columbus, OH. Who’s to say they won’t tack a few more on for old times’ sake?

Lil Wayne

Weezy hasn’t yet announced a full slate of dates behind his near-instant-classic Tha Carter V, but it’s only a matter of time.

Currently, Tunechi is on the hook for a Winter X Games performance, a Phoenix festival and a series of intimate club shows whose cities were chosen by fan vote. Wayne is a performer above all else, and we can’t imagine he would pass up the chance to hit the road for a stadium tour, especially given the hot streak he’s on.

Kanye West

Yandhi has to come at some point, right?

This might go down in history as an eternal Kanye troll, the shield that Ye uses to deflect questions forevermore, but we doubt it. West is much more of a “hype up something for months then write it in the car on the way over” type of guy than the “tumultuous two decades of Chinese Democracy” sort. We fully expect that whatever Yandhi turns out to be, Yeezy will have a stage show to go with it.

In fact, he’ll probably put more thought into the tour aesthetics than the album.

The Anniversary Tours

Nostalgia sells, just ask the Barenaked Ladies or Hootie and the Blowfish. A nice round number of years between the present and a beloved album is as good a reason as any to get out on the road and see you still have fans.

Next year marks 25 years from some incredible albums, including Outkast’s debut and Hole’s Live Through This. If Green Day is planning to bring back a traveling show for Dookie, why can’t Courtney Love do the same?

The classic (among different subsets) albums The Battle of Los Angeles and The Soft Bulletin are both turning 20 in 2019, putting the possibility of tours from Rage Against the Machine and Flaming Lips on the table. While Lips never really stopped touring (and will, in fact, ring in 2019 with a New Year’s Eve show underground) a Rage reunion would definitely bring out their rabid fan base.

A little closer to home, 2019 marks the 10 year anniversary of some much-celebrated indie classics like Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion, Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca, Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest and The xx’s xx. Definitely expect at least one of the most-blogged bands of all time to make a comeback next year.

The Pipe Dreams

This section is us indulging in some wishful thinking out loud. Outkast probably belongs here, but we’ll save this space for the true white whales of tours and reunions. Who’s to say that ABBA won’t cash in our their universal millennial acclaim with a reunion besides evidence of past years? What’s keeping Oasis from touring besides the fact that the Gallagher brothers can’t stand the sight of each other?

Shoot, let’s go all the way and hope for a Dead Kennedys reunion with a dash of The Smiths thrown in for good measure. Why not? Let 2019 be the year it all happens.

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