Finally, folks south of the Mason-Dixon line aren’t the only people who get to enjoy Widespread Panic. The prolific jam band, hailing from Athens, GA, have announced a two-night stint on April 24 & 25 at The Kings Theatre, formerly Loew’s Kings Theatre, in Flatbush. (For those unfamiliar with the BK lingo, that’s at 1027 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn.) The band rarely performs in the Northeast, so secondary ticket prices for the event are sure to skyrocket once they are released to the general public on January 30 at 10am.

Besides the obvious draw that Panic brings, this rare and historical venue in Brooklyn adds another element of excitement to the band’s announcement. Opened in 1929, the Kings Theatre (seating capacity of 3,676) was considered one of “Loew’s Wonder Theaters” at the time, and presented shows that combined movies and live vaudeville. It has been closed since 1977, but will reopen after a full renovation next year. Hopefully this is just one of the many amazing musical acts that will be on the Kings Theatre schedule in 2015.

Tickets for Widespread Panic in Brooklyn

Widespread Panic Ticket Prices

Cheapest Widespread Panic Concerts of All Time

Date Venue City Price
06/19/14 Jacobs Pavilion Cleveland, OH $31.97
10/20/11 Riverside Theatre Milwaukee, WI $34.83
10/27/11 Stephens Auditorium Ames, IA $37.23
06/17/14 Artpark Lewiston, NY $41.41
09/26/13 Riverside Theatre Milwaukee, WI $41.77

Ticket Prices for Recent Widespread Panic Concerts

Date Venue City Price
11/02/14 1stBank Center Broomfield, CO $109.20
11/01/14 1stBank Center Broomfield, CO $130.20
10/31/14 1stBank Center Broomfield, CO $162.75
10/29/14 Stephens Auditorium Ames, IA $49.35
10/26/14 Riverside Theatre Milwaukee, WI $325.00
10/24/14 Riverside Theatre Milwaukee, WI $162.75

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