Indie/electronic band YACHT is, of course, known for making music, but this time, they’re going the techie route—they’ve created an app. It’s called 5 Every Day, and it works like this—say you’re in Los Angeles, and you want to do five cool things that day. Well, you tell the app what city you’re in and it presents….five well-curated things for you to do with your day. Simple and effective. Offline, YACHT is planning a tour, both to promote their music and (I guess) their app. The tour kicks off on August 2 at the Inner-City Arts Campus & Rooftop in Los Angeles. From there, the band will take a month off before heading to Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; Nashville, TN (at Exit/In); New York, NY (at Mercury Lounge); Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; Toronto, ON; Portland, OR; and Vancouver, BC, before settling into their last date—a set at TBD Fest in Sacramento, CA. White Fang will provide support. Tickets for the tour are available now.

Founded in Portland OR and based now in Los Angeles, YACHT is currently made up of Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans. Rob “Bobby Birdman: Kieswetter and Jeffrey Brodsky join the group when they’re on tour. They’ve released five studio albums—their last, Shangri-La, hit shelves in 2011.

YACHT Tour Dates & Tickets

YACHT Video for “Plastic Soul”