Well, not exactly — for the time being, Waverly Place is going to have to wait for the return of this young ‘wizard’ (actually ‘witch’, since she’s female).

The word has gotten out that Disney star and popular songstress Selena Gomez had to cancel two holiday shows due to a “family emergency.”

What may that emergency be. It’s an understandable one:

Selena’s mother Mandy Teefey had suffered a miscarriage. There you have it.

Apparently the 19-year-old had gone on Twitter to celebrate verbally at the fact that her 35-year-old mom and stepfather Brian Teefey were expecting their first child — Selena Gomez’s first sibling.

Think about it: that’s a big deal for a teenager. Especially a teenager hitting the big 2-0 soon. That’s college age, for crying out loud. However, a sad miscarriage changed all of that for her….

Needless to say, the B96 Jingle Bash in Chicago on Saturday and the 106.1 KISS FM Jingle Bell Bash in Seattle on Sunday had to miss out on Gomez due to the disaster. No one likes a miscarriage.

Prayers go out to Gomez, and hopefully Waverly Place can conjure a little magic to make something happen again for Selena’s dream of a sibling to come true! Thankfully, too, a re-scheduling of the two shows will be available on January 6. So rest easy, Gomez fans. She will be on stage once again.