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Yes its early to make these unnecessarily early predictions especially amid the talks of a lockout. Anyway, here’s the breakdown for the 2011 NBA finals tickets.

2011 NBA Finals Tickets

The average ticket price for a game in Miami: $500.75

The average ticket price for a game in Dallas: $643.67

Don’t use this as a base for the actual price of the ticket you will be buying. You’ll definitely see tickets out there for $200 dollars less than what is shown above. The question is if you do buy the cheaper tickets will you be able to see whats going on in the game? If you want to get a good show you have to be willing to spend some money. For more information check out our recap of the 2011 NBA finals and our update on the progression of ticket prices.

The scoop on 2012 NBA Tickets

For the 2012 NBA season there is an extensive market where you can purchase tickets for the season, specific games or half of a season. This can be found on the NBA website. Each team has their own deals and packages but most of them are very similar. Some packages give leeway allowing ticket purchases for half of a season compared to the entire season. Group rates can also be applied to single game ticket purchases which also include benefits. Season ticket holders who cannot use their tickets for any reason have access to the NBA ticket exchange which has listings of these tickets for sale.

One downside to being a NBA season ticket holder is the lack of playoffs being included. The NBA notifies the season ticket holders when they are going on sale and give the opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. There is no discount and face value is determined by the club. Tickets obviously increase the further a team goes into the playoffs. Buyers will be refunded if a game doesn’t occur due to the team losing.

Unlike various other sporting events, there is no lottery or any special on getting these tickets. The NBA ticket market is solely based on a first come first serve giving season ticket holders the first opportunity to purchase tickets to playoffs and finals games.

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