The 2018 Masters Golf Tournament came to a close on Sunday, and it was among the most exciting finishes in recent history. With Patrick Reed hanging on to win by a single stroke over Rickie Fowler, this year saw the ninth first-time winner of the tourney in 10 years, showing that there is more parity in the sport than in virtually any other. Here’s our take on the best action of the day.

Patrick Reed Hangs on for the Win

Much has been made in the sports media about Patrick Reed’s lack of popularity. Cheers for his opponents– especially Rory McIlroy–were noted to be much louder than those for Reed. But he took the lead after two rounds, and he entered the final round with a tight but definitive 3-stroke lead over McIlroy. But McIlroy proved to be a red herring, as it was Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth who staged late-round comebacks, with Fowler surgeon to within a stroke by the end after Spieth bogeyed on the final hole after hitting a hazard. Reed Slipped in a par on 18 to retain the lead and kill the comebacks.

Jordan Spieth Shoots the Best Final Round in Masters’ History

Despite his clunker on the final hole, Spieth managed to tie the best final round in Masters history, shooting an incredible 8-under 64 with nine birdies. That’s right, dude birdied on half of the holes. His third round wasn’t too shabby either, as he dropped five consecutive birdies on holes 13-17, finishing with a cool 6-under 66 for the round to set the stage for his late comeback bid. Though his accomplishments will be overshadowed by Reed’s heroics, spieth has nothing to feel bad about. Well, except that darn tree that jumped out to clip his ball at the end.

Rory McIlroy Proves He’s Still the Fan Favorite

Though he came up short with a rough final round, McIlroy’s return form last year’s injury hasn’t dulled enthusiasm among the fans, who could be heard throughout the weekend chanting his name. But alas, despite becoming a serious threat by trailing Reed by only three strokes going into the final round, Wee Mac hit a tough 2-over 74, bringing up yet more questions of his viability following the injury and the recently made public heart condition. Time will tell whether he is truly back, or sliding toward Tiger Woods-style irrelevancy where only diehards and the media care where he finishes as fans move on to the next up-and-comer.

Rickie Fowler Still Can’t Get the Job Done

Rickie Fowler is the perennial Miss Congeniality. Finishing in the top five in every tournament multiple times, he has yet to take home a win. It’s not for lack of playing well either–homeboy dropped six birdies in the final round, and he stayed alive enough to barely miss the win despite a slow start in the first two rounds. Still, his constant appearance at the top of the scorecard every time keeps him ranked number 6 in the world overall–one above McIlroy and a solid five slots ahead of Reed. That’s of little comfort this week, however, as he mourns his latest near-miss.

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