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Dust off your powdered wigs and get ready for this President’s Day weekend, because the NBA All-Star Game is coming! Easily the best All-Star game of the major leagues, the NBA matchup will have Team LeBron facing off against Team Giannis. Here’s everything you need to know.

Where is the 2019 NBA All-Star Game?

The festivities will be held in the heart of basketball country, Charlotte, North Carolina, for the first time since 1991, and for the first time ever at the Spectrum Center. The stadium opened in 2005 to tons of acclaim, and has played host to not only the Charlotte Hornets, but also four NCAA Tournaments, and one ACC Tournament with another to follow later this year. So if you have no plans this Valentine’s Day weekend ( or even if you do) try to get to the true Queen City with a few thousand of your closest friends.

Breaking Down the NBA All-Star Events

The main event will be, of course, the All-Star Game itself at 8pm Charlotte time on February 17. But there is so much more going on, starting on Friday with the Mountain Dew Ice Rising Stars practice at 11am. At 5pm that evening, the Hall of Fame announcements will be made. Top candidates include Chauncey Billups, Shawn Kemp, and Horace Grant, among a slew of others. Suffice it to say, there will be some serious talent added to the hall this year, with too many to list in the limited space here. The Celebrity Game will follow at 7pm, and the Mountain Dew Ice Rising Stars Game will begin at 9pm. This event will pit top rookies and sophomore players against each other in a Team USA vs. Team World format.

Saturday will be media day, with various conferences, question sessions, and general shenanigans occurring all day long. But the real fun begins with the Taco Bell Skills Challenge at 8pm, with the Three Point Contest and, of course, the Slam Dunk Competition to finish off the night. You can’t spell “All Star” without “Slam Dunk,” so get ready for some action.

Sunday will tip off with the NBA Legends Brunch at 3pm, which seems more like lunch than brunch, but we don’t make the schedule. Some of the all-time greats will be honored at the event, and a few will make appearances as well, so keep an eye out. Following this will be the actual All-Star Game at 8pm, which is what we’re all here for!

How Does the NBA All-Star Game Work?

This year’s captains are LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who will draft it out a week in advance on February 7. The player pool has already been decided by a vote of fans, media, and players, and will include 24 of the most popular and best players the top league in the world has to offer.

How Much Do NBA All-Star Game Tickets Cost?

The average price of NBA All-Star Game tickets on the secondary market is dependent upon the city, with areas like NYC (2015) and Los Angeles (2018) boasting the most expensive games in the last six years. This year, however, prices are currently averaging $1,361, which (if they don’t drop) would make it the second most expensive locale, second only to LA.

Date City Avg. Resale Price
02/17/19 Charlotte, NC $1,361
02/18/18 Los Angeles, CA $2,041
02/19/17 New Orleans, LA $523
02/14/16 Toronto, ON $967
02/15/15 New York, NY $1,121
02/16/14 New Orleans, LA $519

If you’re looking to attend the festivities in some capacity and aren’t dead set on the actual All-Star Game, the Rising Stars Challenge is an affordable option with tickets as low as $100 on the secondary market. The Slam-Dunk/Three-Point Contest tickets, while pricey, are still markedly less expensive than the main event at $770 for the current lowest get-in price.

Where Can I Get NBA All-Star Game Tickets?

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