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2011 marks the sixth straight season that the NFL is serving up a Thanksgiving Tripleheader to its fans, and that begs the question: how did we ever live with only two games/season? A couple of years ago, fans began clamoring to go against the tradition of Dallas and (more specifically) Detroit hosting every season because of perennially bad play and holiday blowouts. The resurgent play of both teams, however, has this year’s Turkey Day slate looking as fine as any we’ve seen since the inception of the NFL Network’s nightcap.

While the locations of the first two games are National Football League institutions: Detroit’s been hosting since 1945 and Dallas since 1966 (with a few exceptions for both), the third game has yet to land in the same place twice. This year, in addition to the Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys games, the San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens matchup is selected to finish the day. We’re going to handle the holiday lineup in the same way any good all-day eater handles the family buffet, in several trips. Check out the average prices for all three games below and then read about the final course: 49ers vs Ravens.

Event Venue City State Date Avg. Price
Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Stadium Arlington TX 2011-11-24 $271.33
San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens ( are labeled Game 8 ) M&T Bank Stadium Baltimore MD 2011-11-24 $189.25
Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions Ford Field Detroit MI 2011-11-24 $183.02

San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens Tickets

This game looked like a puzzling scheduling choice at the beginning of the year. While it’s obvious why the league would want to showcase the Ravens, a perennial contender in the tough AFC North, scheduling San Francisco in an exclusive primetime game seemed to be odd. The 49ers have struggled in recent years and few knew what to expect when former NFL quarterback Jim Harbaugh, lured away from nearby Stanford University, replaced former NFL linebacker Mike Singletary as the head coach.

49ers At Ravens SeatsPerhaps the league was hoping that pitting Harbaugh against his brother John Harbaugh, who is Baltimore’s head coach, would help create storylines. Well, the gamble paid off. The only blemish on San Francisco’s record at the moment is an overtime loss at home to Dallas, and Baltimore came through on its end of the bargain, as well, tied for second place in its division entering NFL Week 11.

Jim Harbaugh has made his mark on the 49ers in short order, and that mark has his team playing a remarkably similar style of football as his brother’s Ravens. Such similarities often make for interesting contests, and we can only hope this one meets its potential. Under Jim harbaugh’s new scheme, San Francisco has further leveraged its strong and young offensive line to open running lanes for star back Frank Gore and emerging rookie Kendall Hunter. His offense has also built itself to protect the often-ridiculed Alex Smith, and the conservative passing game has given Smith quicker reads and reliable check downs to avoid the big mistakes which have plagued him in other offenses.

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Baltimore‘s defense will counter this with its usual, reliable defense that attacks the run and attempts to pressure the opposing quarterback into making such mistakes. Veterans Ray Lewis and Ed Reed continue to lead the charge and inspire younger talent and fellow veterans alike to keep their remarkably high levels of intensity all game long. San Francisco’s defense follows the lead of its middle linebacker, as well, and Patrick Willis has led his crew to the top of the list against the run.

This will make yards difficult to come by for star running back Ray Rice, who is again making his case as the most valuable and versatile player in the game, racking up yards from scrimmage both as a receiver and rusher. Quarterback Joe Flacco has played brilliantly at times – including a fourth quarter comeback against the hated Pittsburgh Steelers, but he and his wide receiver corps have shown lapses in consistency, losing to both Jacksonville and Seattle so far this season.

Such a lapse will not bode well against a well coached, patient, and powerful team like the 49ers. Can San Francisco travel cross country on a short  week after facing division rival Arizona to answer the bell against a franchise as stable and determined as Baltimore? Are we seeing the rebirth of what was once a dynasty in the Bay Area? Or will the Ravens prove that the 49ers run through the NFL so far still leaves them short of elite status?

San Francisco 49ers vs Baltimore Ravens Tickets and Deals

Charm City will open its arms to a nation of holiday guests on Thanksgiving night. If you want to join in on the festivities in person, use SeatGeek’s ability to search all of the best ticket listings at once and find the best deals for you. Here are a couple of notes from the current prices to give you a head start on 49ers at Ravens tickets!

  • 49ers Ravens Thanksgiving Cheap TicketsThe average ticket price for this game at M&T Bank Stadium is $189.
  • Knowing this, the Best Deal is something you’ll want to jump on, AND FAST. Section 151 sits on the 15 yard line, and you can get a seat there for just $80 – nearly 58% less than the average price.
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  • Aside from the deal in section, the other cheapest seats can be found in 546  for $62 and 533 for $108, both end zone corners in the upper deck.

This game stands to be the most physical of the three, with two teams coached by brothers possessing a similar philosophy about winning football games and the defensive personnel on each team to dictate the action. It’s a great final course for the day – rich with storylines and quality football if dessert’s your thing and posessing enough of a kick to entertain those of us who prefer our dessert in a bottle (or craft beer can). If you have any questions about getting some of your own 49ers vs Ravens tickets, contact us on twitter @SeatGeek or write Happy Thanksgiving, folks!