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Want to get some Oakland Athletic tickets without overpaying? Relatable. The good news is you can use the 5 tips below to make sure you save money this summer when you check out the Athletics!

#1. Check Out Who They’re Playing

With the Athletics, ticket prices seem relatively stable–until you check out their opponent. Their August 20 home game against the Rangers has tickets starting at $12. However, the cheapest available tickets cost twice as much at the Athletics’ September 3 matchup against the Yankees.

In addition to the teams playing each other, the day of the week and start time of the game can also impact ticket prices.

#2. Use SeatGeek’s Deal Score Feature

Before spending your money on Oakland Athletics tickets, you’ll probably want to make sure you’re about to get your money’s worth. That’s why SeatGeek created Deal Score, a tool to help rank the value of a ticket based on historical prices for the team and venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of the other available tickets for the event. Use this feature to ensure you’re getting the most bang-for-your-buck when you buy Athletics tickets.

#3. Buy Last Minute Tickets

Just like with food about to expire, sellers wanting to offload tickets will often drop tickets ride before the event. If you’re not bothered by having a smaller inventory to choose from, you can probably benefit from discounted ticket prices if you wait until the last-minute to buy. It’s important to note this works best when you only need one or two tickets. The larger the group you’re buying tickets for, the harder it will be to make sure everyone can sit together.

Check Out the Away Games

While it’s exciting to see the Athletics at Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, traveling for an away game can sometimes cost less. In the case of the Athletics, away games can cost $10 to $20 less than home games (if not more depending on the opponent).

But, as previously mentioned, the opponent can impact pricing. A $6 starting ticket price to see the Athletics in action against the Angels on September 30 is a world away from the minimum $63 it takes to get into the game against the Astros on August 27.

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