Entering week 17, the AFC playoff picture is starting to clear up.  Nine teams in the AFC are out of playoff contention and five teams have clinched a post-season berth.  The remaining spot will go to the winner of the AFC South, either the Indianapolis Colts or the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Patriots have clinched the top spot in the AFC and will have home field advantage throughout.  We also have analysis of the NFC playoff picture.

AFC Teams that have clinched a playoff berth:

New England Patriots – The Patriots have clinched the AFC East division and the top seed in the playoffs.

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Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers have clinched a spot in the playoffs. If the Steelers and the Ravens finish the season with the same record the Steelers win the tie breaker based on the fact that the Steelers will have a better divisional record than the Ravens. The Steelers need a win or a Ravens loss to clinch the AFC North.

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Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have clinched a spot in the playoffs.  In order to win the AFC North, the Ravens need to win their last game and have the Steelers lose their last game.

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New York Jets – Even with a loss last Sunday against the Chicago Bears the Jets still clinched a wild card spot in the playoffs.

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Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs have clinched the AFC West division.

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AFC Teams in the playoff hunt:

Indianapolis Colts – The Colts will win the AFC South division with a win or a loss and a Jaguars loss.

Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars still have a chance to win the AFC South with a win and a Colts loss.

AFC Teams eliminated from the playoffs:

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