The AL East is arguably the best division in baseball and, as baseball fans, we are being treated to a great Pennant Race between the Tampa Bay Rays and the New York Yankees. The two leaders faced off earlier this week and the Yankees went L-W-L as the lead went back and forth with the Rays settling out on top (.5 games as of today). With the stage set for a great finish to the regular season, we at SeatGeek wanted to look into some of the ticket data to see how fans were reacting to this race.

But first, out of personal interest, I decided to look at their home and away winning percentages so far this season.

  • The New York Yankees performed slightly better at home, with a winning percentage three percentage points higher than the Rays (66% v 63%)
  • The Tampa Bay Rays were the more consistent team on the road, at a winning percentage of 59% – 5 percentage points higher than the Yankees

Next, I took a look at the how their average ticket prices have been trending since April.

It is interesting to note that the ticket prices for the Rays jump up in September – which would be expected with the additional hype surrounding the tight Pennant Race. Yankees ticket prices, however, have been trending down so I decided to take a deeper look at what was going on.

Yankees september 2010 ticket prices chart

I looked at all of the Yankees home games for September and it jumped out of me that there was not a huge lift for the upcoming series vs. the Rays, but there was a very noticeable lift for the Red Sox series.

yankees vs rays and red sox comparison

In fact, average ticket prices in the secondary ticket market are 81% higher for the Red Sox vs. Yankees series than the Rays vs. Yankees Series, despite the fact that the Rays and Yankees are in a tight battle for the Pennant. Could it be that Yankees fans are jaded to Pennants, as they are used to doing well in the regular season? Is the rivalry with the Red Sox more important to them than the actual success of the team?

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