The 2012 BCS National Championship has been breaking all kinds of records on the secondary ticket market. With an average ticket price of $1,763.68, this year’s BCS Championship is on average $400 more expensive than last year’s game ($1,351 for Oregon vs. Auburn). At this price, the BCS is on par with the most expensive tickets of the past year, just behind the Super Bowl and Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Monday 8:30 PM New Orleans, LA tickets from $1339

However, those of you waiting for last minute deals might be in luck. Tickets for this rematch are trending down over the course of the holidays with just a slight bump back up this week. Since the New Year, ticket prices are selling at an average of $1,601.36, nearly a 10% drop. Check out this 5-Day trailing average price for BCS Tickets.

And The Cheapest Seats in the House Are…

The most frequent ticket purchases (Over 40% of all BCS Championship tickets) occurred in the 600 Level. With an average ticket price of $1,337.04 on the year, the new year has ushered in an average ticket price of $1,267.72. There was even a few sub-$1,000 purchases yesterday and today.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now’s the time to buy. As of 5pm est, SeatGeek Standing Room Only tickets available for $1,269 a piece, on par with the new 600 Level tickets. A seated ticket will set you back $1,429 in the 600 Terrace Level. As the graph has alluded, ticket prices are beginning to creep up again.

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