2013 MLB Playoffs – American League Championship Series

They’re officially back. While the return of the Boston Red Sox to the playoffs for the first time in four years was a big deal, winning a playoff series for the first time since 2008 was an even bigger step. And the Red Sox punched their ticket to the 2013 American League Championship Series with authority, nearly sweeping AL East division rivals Tampa Bay Rays before finally winning in four games. Now this team is one step closer to capturing its third World Series title in ten seasons, and the Boston Red Sox – Detroit Tigers 2013 ALCS is going to test the depth of the Sox lineup, starting pitchers, and relief corps.

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This is the Tigers’ third straight trip to the ALCS, hence the reason the resurgent Red Sox have more to prove than the team that enjoyed so much success in the previous decade. The Detroit Tigers are the veteran team with playoff experience, a defending MVP Triple Crown winner in Miguel Cabrera, and three Cy Young-caliber pitchers in Max Scherzer, Anibal Sanchez, and Justin Verlander. While they had to overcome some defensive challenges and injuries to players including Cabrera (who finally showed some trademark power in the deciding game) to defeat the Oakland A’s in five ALDS games, the Detroit Tigers American League Championship Series strategy is pretty clear: strikeout a ton of the opposition’s lineup & ride the big play potential of a lineup with power from top to bottom. Two storied franchises are meeting in this 2013 ALCS, just as they are in the NLCS, and it’ll be a test of both dugouts & bullpens to see who deserves having their 2013 World series ticket punched. Whether your seat is atop the Green Monster at Fenway Park or behind home plate at Comerica Park, your 2013 ALCS ticket is going to get you a great view of seven tightly contested games in the MLB Playoffs. Play ball!

ALCS MLB Playoff Tickets

Red Sox – Tigers Playoff Schedule

Date Matchup City State/Country Venue
10/12 Tigers v Red Sox Boston MA Fenway Park
10/13 Tigers v Red Sox Boston MA Fenway Park
10/15 Red Sox v Tigers Detroit MI Comerica Park
10/16 Red Sox v Tigers Detroit MI Comerica Park
10/17 Red Sox v Tigers Detroit MI Comerica Park
10/19 Tigers v Red Sox Boston MA Fenway Park
10/20 Tigers v Red Sox Boston MA Fenway Park

MLB Playoff Preview – ALCS