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We recently launched pages that analyze average MLB ticket prices in the secondary ticket market on a weekly basis and provide a ranking of all 30 teams, with the ability to drill down by team (i.e. for Yankees ticket prices here). To complement these highly quantitative pages, we will be doing a weekly blog post to highlight some of the key qualitivative changes from the prior week such as who came out at the top, at the bottom and the biggest movers/shakers from the prior week.

Top 10 MLB Teams by Average Ticket Price (week ended 8-8-2010)

Bottom 10 MLB Teams by Average Ticket Price (week ended 8-8-2010)

Bottom 10 MLB Ticket Prices 8-9-2010

  • The Mariners, Dodgers, Pirates, Brewers and Angels represent the teams with the lowest average ticket prices in the MLB over the past week
  • The Los Angeles Angels have assumed the position of lowest average ticket price
  • The Diamondbacks had previously had the lowest rank in the MLB as determined by ticket prices, but have ascended to 26th over the last 7 days

In the future expect a deeper look into the biggest winners/losers now that we have a baseline to compare to. In the meantime, check out these related in depth ticket reports by division that my colleague Max Fram-Schwartz compiled:

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