The Kansas City Royals are headed to the World Series for the second year in a row, in a matchup against the New York Mets. We already know what ticket prices were shaping up like after the Mets destroyed the cubs last week, but what are World Series ticket prices looking like now that the match is officially set? Let’s take a look.

Avg. Resale Price for World Series Games 1-4

Game 1 (in KC): $755
Game 2 (in KC): $783
Game 3 (in NY): $1,128
Game 4 (in NY): $1,089

As a comparison to last year, the average resale price of Game 1 in 2014 was $871, and for Game 2 it was $824. That means that overall tickets for the first two games of this year’s World Series are selling for 9 percent less than the first two games of last year’s.

We have seen listing prices drop for Games 1 and 2 from where they were right after the Royals clinched early Saturday morning. For Game 1 the median listing price right after they clinched was $1,001, but it is currently down to $812, a drop of 19 percent.

Tickets to the World Series 2015

While ticket prices have been dropping a bit in Kansas City, they have actually been holding steady and even slightly increasing in New York. If Game 5 in New York (avg. resale price of $1,150) is necessary, it is currently on pace to be the second most expensive World Series game of the past five years, only behind Game 6 of the 2013 World Series when the Red Sox beat the Cardinals to clinch in Boston. That game had an average resale price of $1,175. If the Mets have a chance to clinch that game, it’s very likely that prices rise above that Red Sox-Cardinals game.

Of those looking for tickets on our site, 22 percent live in Missouri, while another 22 percent live in Kansas. Interestingly, 12 percent live in the New York City metro area, which may be a sign that some Mets fans are looking to make the trip to Kansas City where tickets are a bit cheaper.