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I must first start by saying this isn’t a real championship game. As the old saying goes, “Offense gets you to championships, but defense wins them.” TCU was the only undefeated team to show the ability to play defense. I believe they should be in this game as they are built to win a real playoff. But that’s not the world we live in.

Keys To Winning The BCS Championship Game

Oregon will be facing off against Auburn for the BCS championship and both teams have electrifying offenses. Both have shown ability to put up points in a big way. So is this game just going to be a shootout? I think so in a way. But each team has two keys to winning this game.

Oregon Ducks Game Plan

1. Blitz, blitz, blitz!

The first half of the Auburn-Alabama game should give you all the game plan you need. When you pressure Cam Newton and keep him from running around, he is terrible. Alabama brought the heat in the first half against the Tigers and there was nothing they could do about it. They backed off in the second half and the rest is history. Send 5 or more people to Cam Newton every single snap to make sure he doesn’t scramble around. If they are going to beat you, make them doing through the air.

2. Turnovers

Oregon is great at creating them. Auburn has been pretty good at avoiding them. If Oregon can win the turnover battle, they shouldn’t have a hard time in this game. Their offense will score points to be sure. Stopping Auburn from scoring a few times is all it will take.

Auburn Tigers Game Plan

1. No penalties

In games when teams are pretty evenly matched, it’s a matter of discipline. Auburn is probably a bit outmatched in this game, so they must be extremely cautious and not give Oregon any more yards than they earn. Silly penalties will result in this game getting out of hand fast. If Auburn doesn’t commit any bad penalties, they should stay in this game.

2. Play as a team

The Auburn offense this year was Cam Newton, period. Since he won the Heisman, fate is not on his side. Heisman winners have lost almost every bowl game this decade. So let’s assume Cam Newton won’t have the game of his life. The whole team as a unit will need to step up to keep the game competitive.

I think all signs point to Oregon winning, but this game could definitely be a high scoring shootout as well. To see more analysis and predictions, check out Daniel’s college football blog.