Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks? How about buy me a Comiskey dog, a Broomstick, a Cali Dog South, and an Island dog.

Yes, baseball has upgraded its signature anthem, and let me say… it sounds delicious.

Baseball has certainly improved its menu selection over the years. When you go to a game, all you need is a beer in one hand, and a hot dog in the other, as you sit and hope that favorite player of yours will hit the ball straight out of the park. Well, that hot dog in your hand is no longer the typical hot dog, with melted mustard and ketchup, that will unfortunately be smeared over your shirt by the end of the game.

This hot dog has side kicks.

The Chicago White Sox know what I am talking about. Located in section 105, is Comiskey Dogs- The real Chicago style footlong. It appears to be a pretty healthy combination of tomatoes, peppers, pickles and green relish that smother the Franks foot-long.

Florida Marlins introduce the SoBe Dog-an all beef dog served on a toasted top-split bun topped with mango-cabbage-cilantro slaw.

Texas Rangers created the type of dog you can say is over-the-top. Welcoming the broomstick:a 2 foot long, Coney Island style hot dog with shredded cheese and sautéed onions, seized by chili, jalapenos, and nacho cheese. Like the sound of that?

Los Angeles Angels show off their Cali Dog South. This dog consists of skinless Wienerschnitzel frank wrapped in a flour tortilla and deep fried while covered with pico de gall, shredded lettuce, and avocado sour cream.

Kansas City Royals add some sweet flavor to their signature Island Dog. This hot dog mess is a grilled all-beef frank with ham and pineapple, mandarine orange chunks while drenched in Hawaiian slaw and teriyaki sauce.
UPDATE: Want to see all the best players while devouring an Island Dog? Check out the 2012 MLB All Star Game in Kansas City.

Now hit up a game and try one of these tasty concession foods yourself!

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