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MLB Best Rivalries Fights

We say it all the time: here at SeatGeek, we’re all about data. Well, we’re in the midst of the MLB season and we thought looking at ticket prices could be a good way to quantify the fan anticipation and intensity of MLB rivalries. According to Fox Sports, these are the top 10 rivalries in baseball: Cubs-Brewers, Dodgers-Giants, Dodgers-Yankees, Rays-Red Sox, Phillies-Mets, Cardinals-Cubs, Yankees-Mets, White Sox-Cubs, and, of course, Yankees-Red Sox.

To analyze these claims, we looked at both average ticket price for these rivalries in both venues for each matchup and compared the average prices to other “non-rivalry” games from the 2011 season thus far. Here is what we found:

best MLB rivalries

As you can see, fans have paid the most this year to see the storied Yankees-Red Sox match ups at an average of over $126 per ticket. The only Fox Sports rivalry that was below the MLB average ticket price this season was the Braves and Mets.

We took this a step further and looked at how much these average prices compared to non-rivary games:

Surprisingly, the Braves-Mets and Phillies-Mets games were a net decrease from their other regular season match ups. The White Sox and Cubs had the highest net increase at a whopping 161%.

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