The College Football Playoff National Championship is over, bringing an end to another college football season and cementing the Alabama Crimson Tide as the premier program of the young millennium to date after beating the Georgia Bulldogs. The game itself was one for the books, heading to overtime as the two longtime SEC rivals refused to back down. Here are the four best moments from ‘Bama’s fifth victory in nine years.

Tua Tagovailoa Runs the Show

The Georgia Bulldogs held a 13-0 lead heading in to the half, and Jalen Hurts appeared to simply be struggling. In a bold move, head coach Nick Saban put Tua Tagovailoa in, and the true freshman matched Bulldog wunderkind Jake Fromm almost yard for yard throughout the rest of the game. Good things are in this kid’s future.

Defense Wins Championships

The game was very low scoring for a college championship — it was the lowest since the format change in 2014, and the scores by each team were the second and third lowest overall in the last four years. However, this wasn’t necessarily due to ineffectiveness on the part of the respective offenses, but rather by a dominant performance by the two defenses. Heck, the big play of the day came one play after a 16 yard loss due to a sack in overtime by Davin Bellamy and Jonathan Ledbetter. The Bulldog’s final possession in the game also came to an end thanks to a sack, leading to the field goal that was almost the game winner.

Fromm and Mecole Hardman Make a Statement

For some reason the Bulldogs decided to abandon the run, which had been ineffective against the Bama defense. But running the ball, no matter how ineffectual, is football 101–keep doing it no matter what. But when Avery Chubb got dumped for an eight-yard loss, giving back most of a pretty 14-yard catch by Terry Godwin, Fromm decided to launch one down the field to Mecole Hardman for a beautiful 80-yard touchdown, giving Georgia a 20-7 lead.

Tagovailoa and De’Vonta Smith Put it Away

Following a nasty sack that dropped him a stick and a half back, Tagovailoa decided it was time to prove coah right for putting him in. He found De’Vonta Smith on a very bold rocket pass right on the money, and Smith’s separation and wheels were enough to put it in the end zone for a 41-yard, game-winning touchdown. Roll Tide Roll.

(Cropped image courtesy Sam Howzit via Flickr.)