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Attending the 2020 Super Bowl? Inevitably, you’re going to get hungry during the big game and wander into the always-crowded concession stands. While all the food options might be overwhelming–especially after a few beers–we’ve done the work so you don’t have to. Check out all the best eats inside Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl LIV.

Chef Creole

Looking to taste some local cuisine while you’re visiting Miami? Look no further than Chef Creole. The Florida-born chain of restaurants has been serving up savory Creole cuisine for over 27 years. While they only opened for business at the Hard Rock Stadium back in September of this year, this is their second concession stand location. Chef Creole provides a twist in the typical concession stand menu choices, serving up a myriad of classic Creole dishes. Fans can find staples like jambalaya, oxtail, and stew chicken at their concession stand, along with a wide array of other Haitian-inspired dishes.

Owner Wilkinson Sejour recently spoke about the restaurant’s debut at the Hard Rock Stadium.

“When people come to the games, they want to have something that they can relate to,” he shared. “It adds to the experience.”

Chef Creole’s can be found on the 100 level of the Hard Rock Stadium at section 117.

Shula Burger

You were right if the name of this burger spot located inside the Hard Rock Stadium reminded you of the former Miami Dolphin’s football coach Don Shula. The Shula family has opened steakhouses and other family-style restaurants since the denouement of Don Shula’s 347 win-career as the coach of the Miami Dolphins.

While their concession location opened for business last September, Shula Burger has been serving up their menu of tasty burgers since 2011. If you find yourself jonesing for a classic burger and fries during the game, this is the perfect place to get our hands on one. You can find Shula Burger at sections 114, 142, 220, 250, and 345.

Mojo Donuts

If your sweet tooth is nagging at you during the game, Mojo Donuts will do the trick. While a donut shop may not seem like the norm in a sea of concession stands at a sporting event, Mojo Donuts is one that can’t be missed. They’re known for their Florida-inspired “Flantastic” donut, a glazed yeast-based donut consisting of a flan center (yes, the dessert) and topped with caramel, sprinkled toasted coconut, and Mojo mousse.

The Flantastic is just one of many innovative donuts offered inside the stadium. Not feeling donuts? Mojo also serves up a mean fried chicken as well for fans to savor. You can find Mojo Donuts on the 200 level inside section 217 of the Hard Rock Stadium.

RA Sushi

Who knew the day would come when football fans could get fresh, gourmet sushi while watching the big game? That day is here, folks. RA Sushi‘s newest location is inside the Hard Rock Stadium, just in time for the 2020 Super Bowl. The Baltimore-born sushi chain’s menu for the stadium consists of a curated selection of sushi rolls, poké bowls, hibachi bowls, and other Japanese-inspired entrées for football fans to choose from. The menu also includes a variety of alcoholic beverages to pair with your meal, including sake. RA Sushi is located on the 100 level of the Hard Rock Stadium inside section 147.

Flat Pie Pizza

Pizza: the perfect food to pair with football on any given day. At Flat Pie Pizza, fans have the opportunity to indulge in a famously named “Miami Slice” if they haven’t done so already during their time in the sunshine state. Since Florida is notorious for its thin crust pies, Flat Pie Pizza serves up just that, along with other classic combos. Their Miami Slice consists of Cuban roasted pork, mozzarella and swiss cheese, pickles, and is topped off with their own homemade Cuban drizzle.

With seven total locations inside the stadium, Flat Pie Pizza is easy to find when you’re hangry and in need of something substantial. Flat Pie Pizza is located in sections 107, 122, 150, 308, 327, 336, and 355 inside the Hard Rock Stadium.

Honorable Mention: Bluestone Lane Coffee

Let’s face it: The annual Super Bowl is a labor-intensive day, regardless if you’re playing in the game or not. Avid fans can grab a coffee for an extra boost at Bluestone Lane‘s Hard Rock Stadium location. Not only will fans be able to enjoy craft coffee during the game from this prestigious Australia-based coffee chain, they’ll have an extra pep in their step to keep them cheering on their favorite team through every quarter. Now that’s a win-win.

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