At the beginning of the 2017 NFL season, the league relaxed rules regarding celebration after a team scores a touchdown or makes a big play. While few have reached the heights of the famed Super Bowl Shuffle of the mid-1980s, many have been nothing short of hilarious and entertaining. Here are the ones we’ve like best so far.

Week 12 – Philadelphia Eagles Electric Slide

The first example comes to us from just this last week, as the red hot Eagles dominated the embarrassingly bad Chicago Bears. After picking off an errant pass, the defense lined up and got their boogie woogie woogie on. The results were electric, but it’s fair to say that not too many of the players will find themselves on Dancing With The Stars anytime soon. Special mention to the Eagles for having some of the best celebrations every week, but this one got everybody in line. (Shop Eagles tickets)

Week 5 – Minnesota Vikings Duck Duck Goose
We promise we aren’t picking on the Bears here, but our second entry also came against them in week 5. This Monday Night game was looking to take the prize for the most boring of the season with a score of 3-2 when tight end Kyle Rudolph called for a game of “Duck Duck Gray Duck” in the huddle (what those wacky Minnesotans call “Duck Duck Goose”) before finding pay dirt. Apparently they not only do they call it by the wrong name, but they don’t know how to play it, because they all attacked center Pat Elflein, who was “it,” instead of letting him run run Rudolph down. (Shop Minnesota Vikings tickets)

Week 5 – Green Bay Packers Cool Runnings
Cool Runnings was the best movie ever made about the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled team, and it seems that it made an impression in the tropical nation of Wisconsin. Okay, so it’s the only movie ever made about the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team, but we stand by our classification of Wisconsin as a tropical nation. Either way, Randall Cobb led the team in feeling the rhyme with a mime of the downhill sport. They must’ve been feeling very Olympic that day. (Shop Green Bay Packers tickets)

Week 7 – Pittsburgh Steelers Hide & Seek

After Pittsburgh Steeler wide receiver JuJu Smith Schuster caught a bomb for a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals defense, he earned a chance to act the fool. But running back Le’Veon Bell wasn’t about to let him do it alone as he joined in for a quick game of hide-and-seek. We’re beginning to think these celebrations are just an excuse for grown-ass college-educated men to act like children. (Shop Pittsburgh Steelers tickets)