(Image courtesy Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0)

It looks like Indiana fans aren’t letting a little work stop them from seeing their team play in the Big 10 this week, with the average resale price of Hoosiers tickets reaching $92 for an early-session game. They’re followed closely by Maryland, Purdue, Wisco and Michigan State.

Most In-Demand Big Ten Teams

Team Average Resale Price
Indiana $92.00
Maryland $70.00
Purdue $63.00
Wisconsin $59.00
Michigan State $56.00

Interestingly, this year the all-session prices for the ACC, Big 12, SEC and Big Ten tournaments are all pretty similar. While the Big 12 is the most expensive at $777, there’s only a $135 difference between the cheapest all-session, the SEC ($642). Overall, though, this year’s tournament is looking a bit more expensive than last year’s, which had an average resale price for the all-session pass of $453.

Looking at the pricing trends of last season’s Big Ten title game, it seems as though prices tended to fall for the semifinals and final all the way up to the day of the game. However, if Indiana or Purdue make it deep into the tournament, local fans within driving distance of the games could drive the prices up and break said trend.

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