Fun and Inexpensive Date Night

There isn’t another ballpark in the world like Fenway Park. The historic stadium still stands much as it did in 1912 when it first opened, but significant improvements have been made each season to improve each fan’s experience. Fenway Park is a spirited and unique ballpark that makes for a great date night. So read through our handy guide, buy your tickets on SeatGeek, and have an amazing time with your date at the ballgame.


Once you step foot onto Yawkey Way (which is closed to car traffic two hours prior to game-time), you’ll experience the real passion and energy of Red Sox Nation. Take in the sights, smells and sounds of Boston baseball as you bite into a Fenway Frank and listen to the roaring “lets go Red Sox” chants fill the streets. There’s plenty to witness so no need to worry too much about keeping your date entertained.

Game Time

Once the game is about to start, head to your seats in America’s Most Beloved Ballpark to experience the real fun. Fenway is the oldest ballpark in the major leagues, and with 37,400 seats, it is one of the smallest as well. Wherever you sit you can be sure that you’ll be close to the action. Pick up some tickets for a Thursday evening game; it’s a great date night and a great night to find good deals tickets. Expect to pay around $40 a ticket, based on prices seen on SeatGeek, for some great infield grandstand seats. Grab a few Sam Adams or a Harpoon IPA, another Fenway Frank, a bag of Peanuts while you and your date take in the action. Be sure to root for the Sox, or be prepared to get heckled if you choose not to; Bostonians take their sports seriously. Hope for the chance to witness David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz put a home run ball past Pesky’s Pole in right field and see the crowd go wild. Be ready to stretch your legs in the 7th and prepared to get up again in the middle of the eighth inning to sing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline with the rest of the ballpark.

Post Game

After the game, the streets are again flooded with fans exiting the park, regardless of who the Red Sox just played you’ll hear “Yankees Suck” chants from all sides. Snag a t-shirt of your new favorite player from the many street vendors in the middle of the streets but be sure not to lose sight of your date in the large crowds.
If you’re looking for a good hole in the wall spot, head over to The Lower Depths Tap Room at 476 Commonwealth Ave. You’ll discover a laidback, almost hipster, vibe here. You’ll have a choice of 16 rotating beers on tap and 150+ different bottled beers. If you haven’t satisfied your hotdog cravings by then, you can snag one or two more dogs for just a dollar each. The homemade pretzel for $4 may be a better option though if you’re not able to count the number of hotdogs you’ve eaten on one hand.
Not feeling more beer and hot dogs, but don’t want the night to be over just yet? Walk just a few blocks over to Eastern Standard at 528 Commonwealth Ave to grab a post game cocktail. Here you can escape from the rowdy crowds and enjoy a more intimate setting. Take a seat at one of the leather booths or the high tables in the lounge. Known for its “best in the city” cocktails and stellar service, Eastern Standard should be perfect place to finish off your night.
Both these spots are just across the street from the Kenmore T station so you and your date will be able to get home safely, and without too much of a hassle, once the crowds have finished making their way home.

Price Breakdown Table

Pre-Game Item Price Quantity Total
Tickets: SeatGeek Thursday Evening Game – Infield Grandstand Seats $40 (x2) $80
Beers on Yawkey Way $5 (x2) $10
Game Time Item Price Quantity Total
Fenway Frank $5 (x2) $10
Peanuts $4.75 (x1) $4.75
Beer $7.50 (x4) $30
Post-Game Item Price Quantity Total
Player T-Shirt $25 (x1) $25
Drinks at Lower Depths Tap Room Beers $4 (x4) $16
Pretzel and Hot Dog $5 (x1) $5
Drinks at Eastern Standard Cocktail $10 (x1) $10
Wine or Beer $8/$5 (x2) $10-$16

Other City Guides

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