After selling out their first five games of the season, the Buffalo Bills are having difficulty selling out their last three home games this season. The Bills were as hot as any team in the NFL, starting out at 5-2 (including beating the New England Patriots. However since their win against the Washington Redskins, the Bills have entered a month long, four-game losing skid.

Not so surprisingly, fans are not eager to fill the seats and Ralph Wilson Stadium and have a bevy of tickets that remain unsold. More than 12,000 tickets remain unsold for this weekend’s game against the Tennessee Titans, and that includes a 12.5% discount the team has offered. For their AFC East matchup against the Dolphins, more than 14,000 tickets remain and when the Denver Broncos bring in the Fighting Tebows, more than 24,000 tickets remain unclaimed.

Similarly, prices on the secondary market have plummeted. In this month alone, ticket price averages have fallen 34.2% for the Tennessee game, 27.6% for the Miami game and 19.6% for the Denver game. For the first week of December, tickets through SeatGeek are selling on average at $45.70, $53.68 and $56.76 for the Titans, Dolphins and Broncos game, respectively.

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Although the Bills have been hit by a lot of injuries (Oh Fred Jackson, how you bolstered my fantasy team), they have the ability to bounce back and compete for an AFC Wild Card Playoff Spot. Let us know how you feel abou the Bills recent play or how you love Stevie Johnson, but not his unsportsmanlike conduct flags (what a great $10,000 joke that celebration was). Hit us up at @SeatGeek.