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A very strange sequence of events in Game 5 of the 2011 World Series made headlines as the Texas Rangers defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 4-2. The Cardinals are returning home for Game 6 of the series tonight (after it was postponed yesterday) down three games to two and will be fighting to force a decisive Game 7 on their homefield. Can they overcome some bullpen decisions and base-running blunders and bring this series to a tie for the third time (fourth, I suppose, if you count 0-0 as a tie), or will the Rangers win on a cool and damp night in Busch Stadium to capture their first world championship?

Much is being made of BullpenPhoneGate and how exactly signals were crossed for the Cardinals and manager Tony LaRussa, and there’s a message on the ticket front that’s almost as confusing. Game 7, by definition, is IT in the World Series. The season’s going to end that day and your team will either be consumed by euphoric victory or wallowing in “so close” defeat. It’s your last chance to see a live baseball game this season, waiting around won’t get you a better deal on the next day (or ever again, perhaps – right, Cubs fans?). And for your wallet’s sake, it’s not a huge gamble either. If the Rangers win Game 6 and Friday’s game just never happens, you get your money back.

Game 6 versus Game 7 average prices

Event Date Avg. Price
World Series: Texas Rangers at St Louis Cardinals – World Series Game 6 2011-10-26 $548.31
World Series: Texas Rangers at St Louis Cardinals – World Series Game 7 (If Necessary) 2011-10-27 $601.42

But the secondary market – and the demand that drives its prices – doesn’t seem to be getting the memo. At the moment, prices for Game 7 tickets aren’t towering above Game 6 tickets, on average (only 9.7%). So let’s take a quick look on some of the deals you can find out there right now. If the St. Louis Cardinals tie things with the Texas Rangers tonight, you’ll be even happier because of the value you found today.

World Series Game 7 Ticket Prices and Deals

  • World Series Game 7 Best DealsStanding Room Only (SRO) continues to offer the cheapest options for World Series Game 7 Tickets, allowing you to get in the door for as low as $374.
  • Planning to get there early and stay late to savor the last game of the year? Maybe you should get a seat. The cheapest seats can be found in sections 431 ($418) and 437 ($422) on the right field line and section 370 ($424) in the left field corner.
  • Section 162, just beyond third base, currently holds the crown for most expensive seat available in the house at a cool $4,718 per ticket. Listings in section 150, directly behind home plate, start at the relatively modest price of $1,459.
  • If you’re simply looking for the best World Series Game 7 Deal, look to your familiar friend the Scoreboard Patio section in centerfield ($601) as well as sections 271 and 272 in the left field corner ($460 and $574, respectively) which are well within reach of the home run power we’ve seen displayed in the 2011 World Series.

This tightly-contested Fall Classic may not be blowing up the TV ratings, but that doesn’t take away any of the excitement from seeing championship action in person. So if you’re in St. Louis and/or a Cardinals or Rangers fan hoping to catch a first-hand glimpse of glory, look through all of your ticket options right here, in one place. Contact us with questions about 2011 World Series Tickets on Twitter @SeatGeek or write