We are sixty plus games into the MLB season, and some interesting trends have developed in the secondary ticket market. Take a look at the graph below:

MLB Average Ticket Prices vs. Team’s Win Total

MLB 2012 Average Ticket Price versus Win Total

Now look at the same graph, but ordered by Win Total:

MLB 2012 Win Total versus Average Ticket Price

MLB Tickets

It should come as no surprise that some of the most expensive tickets are for major market teams:
1. Boston Red Sox
2. Chicago Cubs
3. New York Yankees
4. New York Mets

More interesting is the high disparity between win totals (as of June 16th, 2012) and ticket prices for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs. Dodger’s tickets are averaging a dismal $34 on the secondary market, despite their MLB leading record.

On the other hand, Chicago Cub’s tickets are fetching an average $85 on the secondary market. However, the Chicago Cubs have the worst record in all of baseball. In just the last seven days, Cub’s tickets averaged $71 while losing five of seven games.

24/7 Wall Street comments that these exorbitant prices can be explained by “the long-term popularity of the team, the historical size of its fan base, the availability of seating.”

At this point, you are probably still asking yourself, “Am I overpaying for baseball tickets?” On a relative basis, small to mid-market teams offer the best value based on winning percentage and ticket pricing.

MLB Team Avg. Ticket Price Win Total
Los Angeles Dodgers 34.182656 42
Los Angeles Angels 35.674753 36
Milwaukee Brewers 31.457598 30
Pittsburgh Pirates 37.621368 34
Cincinnati Reds 42.519529 38
Arizona Diamondbacks 36.824913 32
Miami Marlins 38.339097 33
Texas Rangers 46.775989 40
Tampa Bay Rays 46.952045 37
Kansas City Royals 36.919913 29
Cleveland Indians 43.61942 33
Baltimore Orioles 52.007108 39
Detroit Tigers 46.383921 32
Colorado Rockies 36.701561 25
San Francisco Giants 56.256012 37
Atlanta Braves 54.376761 35
Washington Nationals 60.356076 38
St Louis Cardinals 54.844703 34
Houston Astros 45.46321 27
Oakland Athletics 53.029988 31
Chicago White Sox 62.334526 35
Philadelphia Phillies 60.850512 31
New York Yankees 81.985285 40
Seattle Mariners 60.936658 29
Toronto Blue Jays 72.662775 34
San Diego Padres 51.863266 24
New York Mets 76.508203 35
Minnesota Twins 57.816021 26
Boston Red Sox 94.757464 33
Chicago Cubs 85.20525 22

Nonetheless, the New York Yankees secondary market tickets offer a better value than most other teams. Data by SeatGeek shows that 66.39% of Yankees tickets are sold at a price under face value.

Ultimately, the value needs to be determined on a case by case basis. Check out SeatGeek to see how ticket pricing is trending based on matchup and face value.

Lastly, another interesting trend is how drastically ticket prices have changed over the last two years. The graph below depicts ticket prices for the first two and half months of the 2010 and 2012 season.

MLB Average Ticket Prices 2012 verse 2010 by Team

Across the MLB, 2012 prices are on average $53.17, representing a 19.89% increase from 2010.

Monday 7:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $14
Tuesday 7:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $9
Wednesday 1:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $15
Friday 7:10 PM Flushing, NY tickets from $69
Saturday 7:15 PM Flushing, NY tickets from $79
Sunday 8:05 PM Flushing, NY tickets from $68
Monday 7:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $7
Tuesday 7:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $9
Wednesday 1:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $10
Thursday 7:05 PM Bronx, NY tickets from $10