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Chicago Bears Keys to Victory Over the Packers

Pass protection

We’ve seen what can go tremendously well for the Martzfense this season, and we have seen when it can go horribly wrong. The productivity of our offense all starts in the trenches… former NFL head coach Brian Billick recently praised the work Mike Tice has done with the Bears OL this year, and we concur. In order to put points on the board, we’re going to have to protect Jay Cutler.

QB decision-making

We recently noted that during the Bears 5 losses this season, Jay Cutler threw 1 TD, 9 INTs, and had an average QB rating of 48.2. During the 11 wins, Cutler threw 22 TDs and only 7 INTs, with an average rating of 105.1. Bottom line, we need Cutler to make smart decisions. If he does that, our chances of winning the game increase exponentially.

Generating a pass rush

Lovie Smith’s defense is predicated on the pass rush, which is why we see year after year Smith and GM Jerry Angelo tinkering with the DL. If we can get pressure on the QB, our LBs will be able to make plays underneath on dump-off passes, and the DBs can try to generate turnovers. But, despite the much-improved performance of the DBs recently, we still do not have the talent back there to sustain pass coverage downfield should the QB have time to throw. We have to get to Aaron Rodgers, or it will be a long day defensively.

Special teams play

Special teams coach Dave Toub has constantly had the Bears STs units at or near the top of the rankings every year he has been with the team, and this season is no different. While many teams aren’t able to enjoy that luxury, Chicago is constantly seeing big swings in games thanks to the coverage teams, punting, kicking, and of course, big returns. The Bears STs units truly have game-changing capabilities.


We have seen Mike Martz be our best friend this season, as well as our own worst enemy. He will need to stay focused on the game plan, and try to stay as balanced as possible with the offensive playcalling. Matt Forte ended the season with a career-high YPC average, and was in the top-6 in that category through the last 6 weeks of the season. We have to run the football. It’s a simple as that.