Last month we took a look at how playing on Thanksgiving impacts ticket prices in the NFL and found that ticket prices were significantly higher for the games that were hosted by the Lions and the Cowboys.  Playing on Christmas in the NBA seems to have a similar effect on ticket prices in most cases.  However there is one caveat in that the NBA does not have a tradition of having the same teams host a Christmas Day game every year as the NFL does with respect to Thanksgiving.  This gives the NBA the luxury of setting up some blockbuster games for Christmas such as the Heat-Lakers while in the NFL some of the Thanksgiving Day games are not all that exciting on paper.

Christmas Day NBA Games

  • Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers: This is by far the most expensive and highly demanded ticket of the NBA season.  Tickets are averaging $566.95 on the secondary market.  A ticket to this game will run you about four times as much as the average Lakers home game which is $144.98 per ticket.  Fans just can’t wait to see the big 3 square off against the defending champions. This game should not disappoint, the Heat and the Lakers are both coming into this game with 21 wins and they are both two of the hottest teams in the league.
  • Boston Celtics at Orlando Magic: The average ticket price to the Celtics-Magic Christmas Day game is $141.94, up almost $12 since Thanksgiving. Tickets to this game are around 144% more expensive than the average Orlando Magic home game which is around $58 per ticket.  It should be interesting to see how the new Magic team plays against the Celtics on Christmas.
  • Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks: The red hot Bulls are heading to Madison Square Garden to face off against Amare and the Knicks. Tickets to see the Bulls-Knicks Christmas Day game are around $135 on average which is 36% higher than the average tickets to Knicks home games this season.
  • Denver Nuggets at Oklahoma City Thunder: Playing on Christmas Day is not driving the prices up for the Nuggets-Thunder game.  Ticket prices for this game and all Oklahoma City Thunder home games average around $57 per ticket on the secondary market.
  • Portland Trail Blazers at Golden State Warriors: This is the one Christmas Day NBA game that is actually cheaper than the home teams season average ticket price.  Maybe Warriors fans have out of town plans or would rather play with their new presents than go to Oracle Arena to see the Trail Blazers take on the Warriors.  Ticket prices for this game are $57,  just 70% of the Warriors season average.  If you’re in the Oakland area on Christmas Day this is a great opportunity to go see a Warriors game at a discount.

Get in the holiday spirit by watching Kobe and LeBron bust a move in this Elf Yourself video we made:

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