We took a look at the upcoming Christmas Day NBA games almost a month ago when the Miami Heat were struggling with an 8-6 record and the LA Lakers were unstoppable with a 12-2 record. Even then when the Heat were still trying to figure things out, were not living up to the hype, and the game Heat-Lakers game looked like it could be a disaster for the Heat, the average price of a ticket to the Heat at Lakers Christmas Day game was still $507 per ticket.

Since then, the Heat have managed to figure things out and are currently on a 12 game winning streak. The Lakers have continued their dominance even though they hit a bit of a speed bump with a 4 game slide and are currently 21-7 winning 8 of their last 9 games. With less than a week until tip-off, this game is looking more and more like the game of the season. Over the past month, the average price of a ticket to this game has gone up $42 to $549 per ticket. As a means of comparison the average price of a ticket to a Lakers home game excluding the Christmas day game against the Heat is approximately $144 per ticket, just 26.2% of the price of the Heat-Lakers Christmas Day tickets.

Heat vs Lakers

Lakers tickets have been some of the most expensive in the league since the beginning of the season and the same goes for tickets to Heat road games.  There is a huge demand to see how LeBron, Wade and Bosch will match up against Kobe and the Lakers.   Couple this all together and we get the most expensive ticket on the secondary market for the entire NBA season.  Do you think this game will live up to expectations?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @SeatGeek.