One former NFL coach called drafting him “like the Tower of Terror.” Other analysts have called this former Heisman winner a “poor man’s Tony Romo, at best.” Whatever you think of Johnny Manziel, it’s no secret what he thinks of the haters, and he’s going to keep fighting for a starting QB job as his first season with the Cleveland Browns gets started.

By all appearances, it looks like many fans in the Dawg Pound share his enthusiasm. Thanks to the arrival of a new coaching staff and exciting young players like Manziel, demand for tickets to Browns home games has climbed significantly this offseason. As of today, the average price paid for a 2014 regular season Browns ticket on the secondary market is $108, which ranks 28th-highest in the NFL. This time last year, 2013 regular season Browns tickets had resold for an average of just $83, the lowest average in the league and $12 less than the 31st-ranked Oakland Raiders ($95).

The 30% increase in the average price of a Browns resale ticket is the fourth-largest in the NFL from 2013 to 2014 behind only the Titans (35% from $107 to $144), Seahawks (the defending league champions, up 52% from $213 to $325) and 49ers (opening a brand new stadium with an 80% increase, from $170 to $306). Looking back at the average price increases from 2012 to 2013, it was the Colts (46%), Niners (39%) and Redskins (31%) topping that list, all of whom were coming off breakout seasons from their young quarterbacks (Luck, Kaepernick and RGIII). In the case of the Browns this year, we’re seeing that same phenomenon, but before Manziel even plays a regular season down.

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Cleveland Browns Tickets & Game Dates

2014 Cleveland Browns Ticket Prices

Looking at the Browns’ AFC North home games (which make for a nice apples-to-apples comparison year-over-year), each is more expensive this year on the secondary market as compared to 2013. The Bengals game is up 5% to an $80 average from $76 this time last season, the Ravens game is up 28% to $95 from $74 and the Steelers game is up 37% to $130 from $95.

The Browns’ preseason resale market has also experienced a bump this year. Tickets for the first game in Cleveland against the Rams on Aug. 23 are going for $28 each, up from $18 last year for the preseason opener (which also happened to be against the Rams). The second preseason home game (vs. Bears) is drawing an average price of $23 per ticket, up from $17 last year (vs. Lions).

Opponent Week Date Avg Price Low Price
Rams Preseason 8/23/2014 $28 $10
Bears Preseason 8/28/2014 $23 $4
Saints 2 9/14/2014 $124 $81
Ravens 3 9/21/2014 $95 $53
Steelers 6 10/12/2014 $130 $79
Raiders 8 10/26/2014 $91 $34
Buccaneers 9 11/2/2014 $69 $21
Texans 11 11/16/2014 $98 $28
Colts 14 12/7/2014 $100 $29
Bengals 15 12/14/2014 $80 $28

To this point in 2013, only three Browns home games were drawing average ticket prices above $90 (the home opener against the Dolphins in Week 1, the Steelers game in Week 12 and the Bears game in Week 15). This season, six games have an average ticket price of at least $90 (all but the Bucs in Week 9 and the Bengals in Week 15). The most expensive games on the schedule are the Steelers in Week 6 ($130 average ticket price) and the home opener against the Saints in Week 2 ($124), which are on pace to be the two priciest Browns home games since at least 2009 when we began monitoring the secondary market.

Opponent Week Date Avg Price Low Price
Rams Preseason 8/8/2013 $18 $4
Lions Preseason 8/15/2013 $17 $4
Dolphins 1 9/8/2013 $97 $59
Bengals 4 9/29/2013 $77 $34
Bills 5 10/3/2013 $70 $27
Lions 6 10/13/2013 $73 $30
Ravens 9 11/3/2013 $74 $26
Steelers 12 11/24/2013 $95 $52
Jaguars 13 12/1/2013 $36 $13
Bears 15 12/15/2013 $92 $35

*All 2013 figures based on resales thru 8/18/13

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