On December 25 (otherwise known as Christmas), the Warriors take on the Cavs at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Since the season began, ticket listing prices for the game have gotten more expensive. On the first day of the season, secondary tickets were going for as low as $230 each, whereas the current cheapest tickets are $300 each, equating to a 30 percent bump. The median listing price has also gone up, from $601 on the first day of the season to $841 now, an increase of 40 percent.

Tickets to Warrior-Cavs at Oracle Arena

The game is also currently the second most expensive NBA game of the season, only trailing the Jazz at Lakers game on April 13, which is Kobe’s last game. That game has an average resale price of $579.

While some might think the game falling on such a massive holiday would hinder ticket sales, in fact its quite the opposite. This year the average resale price of a Christmas Day game ticket is $291, while the average price of a ticket any day but Christmas is $101. Looks like people in Oakland really want to escape their extended families!
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(Image courtesy of Bryce Edwards via Flickr.)