At an average ticket price of $152, tonight’s AL Wild Card Game is far and away the most in-demand Indians game since the team last made the playoffs in 2007.

The record demand for this sold out game is particularly interesting in light of the Indians’ surprisingly low attendance numbers this season. The team ranked second-to-last in attendance in MLB this season and drew fewer fans than it did in 2012, despite bringing in big-name free agents and enjoying a winning season this year. Still, the Indians were able to sell out tonight’s game, and now those tickets are being resold for more than twice their face value on the secondary market.

AL Wild Card Game Ticket Demand

  • At an average ticket price of $152, tonight’s AL Wild Card Game at Progressive Field is the most in-demand Indians game since the team played in the 2007 ALCS. In fact, it’s nearly four times as expensive as an average Indians home game this season, which cost $39 per ticket on the secondary market. This Wild Card Game is also more than twice as expensive as the Indians’ next-most in-demand home game since 2007 — Opening Day against the Yankees earlier this season, which drew an average ticket price of $65.
  • The demand for this game represents a remarkable contrast to the regular season, when the Indians struggled to fill even half of the seats at Progressive Field. Last month, less than 10,000 fans attended the Indians’ Monday night game against the Kansas City Royals, setting a franchise low for attendance at a September game — while the team was in a playoff race! Some have pointed to higher ticket prices as a reason for the team’s poor attendance, but tonight’s game — which featured the highest face value prices of the season — is a sellout, and now tickets are being resold on the secondary market for more than twice their face value on average.
  • Fans are paying the highest premium for Diamond Box seats, which include the seats in the first few rows from the field between the bases; those tickets have a face value of $160 but are selling for an average of $382 on the secondary market — a 139 percent premium. A full breakdown of the premiums we’re seeing for the various seating tiers at Progressive Field is available in a table below.
  • We’ve seen a significant spike in prices for the one-game playoff since the Indians clinched a postseason berth on Sunday. Tickets for the Wild Card Game have sold for an average of $172 since Monday morning, up 20 percent from an average price of $143 per ticket over the weekend.
  • Demand for tonight’s game in Cleveland is double that for Monday night’s Rays-Rangers AL Tiebreaker Game ($76 per ticket) and tops demand for last night’s NL Wild Card Game in Pittsburgh, which drew an average ticket price of $144 on the secondary market.
  • The average ticket price for tonight’s Indians game is also 60 percent higher than for last year’s Orioles-Rangers AL Wild Card Game ($95 per ticket) and 75 percent higher than for last year’s Cardinals-Braves NL Wild Card Game ($87 per ticket).
  • Perhaps because of the win-or-go-home nature of the Wild Card Game, tonight’s game is an even hotter ticket than the Indians’ potential ALDS home games against the Boston Red Sox, which are drawing an average ticket price of $111. We would expect to see ALDS prices rise if the Indians advance tonight, but the possibility that the team’s first playoff game since 2007 could be the one and only at Progressive Field this season appears to be funneling demand toward the Wild Card Game at the moment.
  • Right now on SeatGeek, the cheapest tickets available for tonight’s game in Cleveland are $85 each, but we’ve seen fans pay as much as $700 per ticket for Diamond Box seats. All the latest information on ticket prices and availability can be found on SeatGeek’s event page for the game.

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AL Wild Card Game Ticket Premiums by Seating Tier

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